bc10 is an Open Source Gadget and a clone of BeagleBoard. bc10 is able to run OpenEmbedded Linux
and Android. Since bc10 is an Open Source Gadget, the technical information of bc10 is released to
the public. bc10 is equipped with two slots for Expansion Board and commonly used connectors and
sensors. Expansion Board can handle the additions of extra functions to bc10, and other connections
and sensors let bc10 be practical and versatile.

bc10 get started

To use bc10, bc10/get started provides the overview of bc10. From opening the box to installing OS,
this section explains that what a new user should do at the first time.

bc10 prebuild image

bc10/prebuild image describes how to create a bootable SD card from a pre-build image of OS. There
are detail explanations for formatting the SD card and the location and order of placing the downloaded

bc10 FAQ

bc10/FAQ is the list of the frequently asked questions about bc10. It covers not only bc10 itself but also
its peripherals such as JTAG and serial cables, and these Q&As provide more complete picture of bc10.


bc10's hardware information is available at bc10/Hardware. The pictures and specifications of Main
Board are listed here. bc10 is equipped with OMAP 3530 (Texas Instruments, Inc.), AMOLED, and slots
for Expansion Board, and other widely used connectors and sensors. Please visit at bc10/Hardware for
the details.




The software information of bc10 is obtainable from bc10/Software. The section provides the overview of
software which is indispensable to bc10, and it covers from the boot of bc10, the build and installation of
OSes, to the setting development environment. OSes discussed are OpenEmbedded Linux, Android, and
rowboat, an open sourced Android. For more information of the software, please visit bc10/Software.

List of Contents

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