This is the information of the keypad board, which is connected to the left expansion slot (from AMOLED side) of bc10.
This board is attached to the oppose side of the standard expansion board (which comes with power supply). To use this
board, a keypad can be added at the other side of the standard expansion board. This board has a pad, which is used for
connecting GPIO (x4) and UART1.

  • Parts list
    Connector14 5078 030 510 861+KYOCERA ELCO1

About the pad for extended wiring

  • On the side that the connector is attached, the pad is also connected. (This pad handles GPIO (x4) and UART1.)
    Signal NameRegistration IDMemo
    GPIO_152G152C-MOS 1.8Vlevel
    GPIO_153G153C-MOS 1.8Vlevel
    GPIO_154G154C-MOS 1.8Vlevel
    GPIO_155G155C-MOS 1.8Vlevel
    UART1_TXU1TXC-MOS 1.8Vlevel
    UART1_RXU1RXC-MOS 1.8Vlevel
    UARR1_TX_3VU1TX_3VC-MOS 3.3Vlevel *1)
    UART1_RX_3VU1RX_3VC-MOS 3.3Vlevel *1)
  • 1)To use 3.3V level wire, parts for voltage converter is required and needed to be installed, separately. List of the required parts are listed below.
    U1TXS0102 (DCU)a product of Texas Instruments, Inc. DCU package (For more info)

Attach file: filebc10-007-0003.dsn 1320 download [Information] filebc10-007-0003.pdf 1506 download [Information] filebc10-007-0003.zip 1056 download [Information] filebc10-007-0003_gerber.pdf 1402 download [Information]

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