This section explains the building process of U-Boot, which is used as second bootloader as bc10 starts booting up. This
building process is originally created for BeagleBoard. Since bc10 is a clone of BeagleBoard, the original building method
can be used for bc10's U-Boot. The boot process of bc10 and the installation of U-Boot are discussed at bc10/booting.

Building U-Boot

Development Environment

  • Make ready toolchain for bc10.
  • Test whether the toolchains are already built or not.
    • OpenEmbedded Linux toolchain (arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi-), which is wildly used for the development
      environment of BeagleBoard.
    • rowboat toolchain (arm-eabi-), which is employed at rowboat, Android project for OMAP35x.
    • CodeSourcery arm GNU/Linux toolchain (arm-none-linux-gnueabi-), which is developed at CodeSourcery.

Setting up Environment Variable

OpenEmbedded Toolchain

Make sure that the development environment is already installed into the host environment before toolchain of
OpenEmbedded Linux is used. The information of setting of the OpenEmbedded development environment is available
at bc10/OpenEmbedded Linux.
To use the toolchain, configure the environment variable.

export PATH=${WORK_DIR}/OE/angstrom-dev/cross/armv7a/bin:${PATH}
export ARCH=arm
export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi-

rowboat toolchain

Please install the rowboat development environment before rowboat's toolchain s is used. For more information about
setting the development environment for rowboat, please look at bc10/rowboat. To use the toolchain, set up the
environment variable.

export PATH=${WORK_DIR}/rowboat-eclair-dsp/prebuilt/linux-x86/toolchain/arm-eabi-4.4.0/bin:${PATH}
export ARCH=arm
export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-eabi-

Obtain source code

Obtain the source code from git repository.

git clone git://gitorious.org/bc10/u-boot-bc10.git u-boot-bc10


To use OpenEmbedded toolchain, cross-build U-Boot, which is specifically modified for bc10.

make mrproper
make omap3_bc10_config

As the build process is successfully completed, u-boot.bin is produced.
For more information about placing U-Boot into SD Card, please visit at bc10/booting.

Updating source code

As new features are added and/or bugs are fixed, obtain the portions of renewed code.

cd u-boot-bc10/
git pull

About source code repository

The source code of u-boot-bc10 is managed by Gitorious.


The repository of u-boot-bc10 has three branches shown below.

  • master
    • the release branch for bc10
  • develop
    • the development branch for bc10
  • build
    • Soon to be removed (a build branch for bc10)

To build a u-boot.bin, which works on bc10, please use the master branch.

The develop branch is used for testing newly added features. It is always implemented the newest
features, but it sometimes does not work well. Please use the master branch for daily use.

The build branch has been used temporarily until the MACH_TYPE number of bc10 is officially added.
Right now, since the MACH_TYPE of bc10 is officially supported, the build branch is not updated anymore.
In the near future, the build branch may possibly be removed. Please do not use the build branch. For this
matter, please look at README, which is located at the directory of Documentation/arm/README in
the kernel source.~


The source code of u-boot-bc10 is cloned from the U-Boot repository of DENX, the original is modified
for bc10.

Detail explanations of U-Boot

Basic functions of U-Boot

This section explains basic functions of U-Boot and how to customize it.

Hush, a shell, is already embedded in U-Boot, and U-Boot can be managed by shell scripts and command lines.
Hush is used for customizing functions of U-Boot.

Boot Sequence

As starting U-Boot, U-Boot waits few seconds. then, it automatically executes commands.
While U-Boo is waiting, its command prompt appears as user presses any key. U-Boot can be
managed by command lines. Once the command prompt appears, the boot command is not executed

 +--------+        +-------+ No Inputs   +---------------------+
 |Booting |------>>|Waiting|----------->>| Execute boot command|
 +--------+        +-------+             +---------------------+
                     | Inputs            +---------------------+
                     +----------------->>| Command line control|

Executing a boot command

boot command executes what bootcmd an environment variable has ordered.
By the default, bootcmd, an environment variable, is configured as shown below.
(In the original, this is one-line command line. For sake of legibility, it is spread
into several lines.)

if mmc init; then 
    if run loadbootscript; then 
        run bootscript; 
        if run loaduimage; then 
            run mmcboot; 
            run nandboot; 
    run nandboot; 

mmc command is used for handling MicroSD.
run command execute a script, which uses the values of the variables. The values of variables
are predetermined by the parameters.~

Control via command lines

Once the prompt of Hush appears, it can execute commands in the same way as bash and other
major command
Considering boot command itself as the command for executing bootcmd an environment vairble,
it is easy to understand that the booting sequence and options can be managed as controlling the
the environment variable.

To use printenv command, the environment variable and the details of the environment vaiables are displayed.
To apply setenv, set up the vales of the environment variables.


Revision History

2010/07/23 Initial release
2010/09/16 Add bc10 specific source code repository and build process
2011/01/13 Add the information of the source repository and the detail explanation of basic mechanics of U-Boot

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