This is the overview of the hardware of bc10. bc10 is a clone of BeagleBoard, but the size and specifications
of bc10 differ form BeagleBoard's.

Overview of Hardware

Main Board (BC10MB-MP01)

These are the pictures of bc10 MP1.

  • Main Board Front View

  • Main Board Bottom View

Expansion Board (BC10EB-RB01)

  • Extension Board (Left: Front, Right: Bottom)

    bc10expBg320r1.jpg bc10expBBg320r.jpg

Expansion Board (BC10EB-LY01)

  • Extension Board (Left: Front, Right: Bottom)

    bc10expYg320r1.jpg bc10expYBg320r.jpg

Specifications of Hardware

  • bc10 Main Board (BC10MB-MP01)

    Size :125(w) x 66(h) mm

  • bc10 Extension Board (BC10EB-RB01, BC10EB-LY01)

    Size : 30(w) x 66(h) mm

Layout of Major Parts

Main Board (BC10MB-MP01)

  • Layout of Main Board
    • bc10 MP1 Main Board Front View

    • bc10 MP1 Main Board Bottom View

    • Table.1 Main Board Major Parts
      CPU1OMAP 3530 600MHz (Texas Instruments, Inc)x1TI ARM Coretex-A8 & C64x
      MemoryFlash ROM/DDR-RAM (512 MBytes /256 MBytes)Package-on-Package (PoP)
      Compatible Power Supply Support(2)AC Adapterx1DC 5V (from the included expansion board)
      3Power Supply Connectorx1Connected to the expansion board for energy supply
      Memory Card4SD (SDIO Compatible)x1
      Interface6USB Host 2.0 HSx1
      7USB Client (OTG)x1
      8Serial Consolex130-pin Connector¹
      Audio8Stereo Audio Inputx130-pin Connector¹
      8Stereo Audio Outputx130-pin Connector¹
      Display10Internal 4.3" wide AMOLEDx1Resolution 480x272 w/ Touchscreen function
      11DVI-Dx1HDMI Connector (Video signal only, no Audio)
      8S-Video/Composite Videox130-pin Connector¹ (Exclusive)
      Slot for Expansion Board² (Receptacle)12GPIOx81.8V CMOS level (Specific, Not Shared)
      I²C/SPI/UART1x2/x1/x11.8V CMOS level (Shared)
      4x4 Keypadx2(Specific, Not Shared)
      Internal Sensor136-axis Motion Sensorx13-axis Accelerometer + 3-axis Digital Compass
      1420ch GPS Receiverx1Internal Chip Antenna
      Image Sensor15x1CMOS specific Camera Interface
      Button16USER Buttonx1
      17RESET Buttonx1

      • On MP1, AC Adapter is moved to the expansion board, which is included in the bc10 set, and
        the USB mini B connector on the expansion board is used for power supply.

Expansion Board (BC10EB-RB01)

  • Layout of Expansion Board
    • Expansion Board

      bc10expBg320p.jpg bc10expBBg320p.jpg

  • Table.2 Expansion Board Major Parts (BC10EB-RB01)
    Compatible Power Supply Support2USB mini B Connectorx1Power supply only, no communication functions (AC Adapter: 5V & greater than 1A, SANYO eneloop mobile booster (KBC-L2S), both option)
    3Power Supply Connectorx1Connected to Main Board for energy supply
    Slot for Expansion Board² (Plug)12Connector to attach the slot of Main Board (4x4 Keypad)x1Connected to the right side (from AMOLED) slot for Expansion Board (No.12)
    Contacting Point for Switch18Points of contactx7Push button style switches are placed on top of these contacting points

Expansion Board (BC10EB-LY01)

  • Layout of Expansion Board
    • Expansion Board

      bc10expYg320p.jpg bc10expYBg320p.jpg

  • Table.3 Expansion Board Major Parts (BC10EB-LY01)
    Slot for Expansion Board² (Plug)12Connector to attach the slot of Main Board (4x4 Keypad)x1Connected to the right side (from AMOLED) slot for Expansion Board (No.12)
    Contacting Point for Switch18Points of contactx7Push button style switches are placed on top of these contacting points
    Breakout19Breakoutx1These are used for breakout, which are connected to other devices

30-pin Connector

  • List of signals that 30-pin connector (the picture of Main Board Front View No.8) handles
    • Stereo Audio Input
    • Stereo Audio Output
    • S-Video/Composite Video (Exclusive)
    • Serial Console
    • Power Switch
    • USER Button
    • RESET Button
  • To handle several output signals simultaneously, use an iPod/iPhone connector, which is differ from commercially
    available iPod/iPhone accessories. Wire the specified pins through the connector. To control the power switch and
    reset button of bc10 externally through the 30-pin connector, please make sure that the switch at bc10 turns off.
    This is a two-part example, which shows how to connect serial console and how to control external RESET and USER
    buttons, and power switch simultaneously. The example is listed here (making a serial interface) and here (adding
    external buttons and power switch to the interface).
  • Caution: all 30-pin connecters are neither identical nor compatible. Commercially available iPod/iPhone accessories
    should not be connected with this 30-pin connector of bc10 in general. It is true that some accessory may work with
    the 30-pin connector as some pins and functions are for bc10, but it is very seldom and requires a lot of homework
    before connecting the two products. Do not connect the accessories which employ the function of Firewire, these
    accessories may damage bc10.

Slot for Expansion Board

  • List of signals, which both slots (the picture of Front View #12) deal with
    • GPIO
    • Keypad
    • UART1
    • I²C (2ch)
    • SPI (1ch)
  • The signals of GPIO and keypad are not shared between the right and left slots. The right and left sides of these ports
    are designed to be independent from each other. Other output signals are share between the right and left slots.
  • Slots for Expansion Board output the signals at 1.8V CMOS level. If a board connect with the slot at other than 1.8V,
    it requires a logic voltage level converter to adjust voltage.



OrCAD formatPDF format
Main Boardfilebc10-001-0003.dsnfilebc10-001-0003.pdf
Expansion Boardfilebc10-005-0001.dsnfilebc10-005-0001.pdf

PDF files are for reference.

PCB, Gerber, Layout data

PCB Editor formatRS274 formatPDF format
Main Boardfilebc10-001-0003.zipfilebc10-001-0003_gerber.zip (RS274 4x00)filebc10-001-0003_Layout.pdf
Expansion Boardfilebc10-005-0001.brdfilebc10-005-0001_gerber.zip (RS274-X)filebc10-005-0001_Layout.pdf

PDF files are used for reference. PDF files include the layout data of the boards.
The location of each key of the keypad is defined in filebc10-005-0001_padlayout.pdf. Please use it for a reference.
The shape of the contacting point of key is identical to this dome-shape switch (B3D-5112). Please use B3D-5112's
technical website for a reference.


The BOM data is loosely translated into English. The translated data provides enough description of parts used in bc10.

Revision History

  • 2010/07/15 This article is initially uploaded.
  • 2010/09/24 Pictures of ES1 are replaced with MP1, and the information of parts is updated.
  • 2010/10/05 Pictures and information of the extension board are added.
  • 2010/10/21 Design data of Main and Expansion Boards are added.
  • 2010/10/28 The Japanese comments on the BOM data are loosely translated into English.
  • 2010/11/15 The layout of the keypad and the information of the contacting point are added.
  • 2011/04/07 The information of the other Expansion Board (BC10EB-LY01) is added.

Attach file: filebc10expYBg320p.jpg 1157 download [Information] filebc10expYg320p.jpg 1189 download [Information] filebc10expYg320r1.jpg 1134 download [Information] filebc10expYBg320r.jpg 1156 download [Information] filebc10-005-0001_padlayout.pdf 1355 download [Information] filebc10-005-0001-e.xls 1689 download [Information] filebc10-001-0003_bom-e.xls 1828 download [Information] filebc10-001-0003_Layout.pdf 1351 download [Information] filebc10-001-0003_gerber.zip 999 download [Information] filebc10-001-0003.dsn 1308 download [Information] filebc10-001-0003.zip 1006 download [Information] filebc10-005-0001.brd 1273 download [Information] filebc10-001-0003.pdf 1408 download [Information] filebc10-005-0001.dsn 1322 download [Information] filebc10-005-0001.pdf 1576 download [Information] filebc10-005-0001_gerber.zip 1032 download [Information] filebc10-005-0001_Layout.pdf 1350 download [Information] filebc10-001-0003_bom.xls 906 download [Information] filebc10-005-0001.xls 674 download [Information] filebc10expBBg320p.jpg 1208 download [Information] filebc10expBg320p.jpg 1202 download [Information] filebc10expBBg320r.jpg 1189 download [Information] filebc10expBg320r1.jpg 1152 download [Information] filebc10MP1_Tg640r.jpg 1271 download [Information] filebc10MP1_Tg640p.jpg 1220 download [Information] filebc10MP1_Bg640r.jpg 1186 download [Information] filebc10MP1_Bg640p.jpg 1203 download [Information] filebc10bot_640r1.jpg 657 download [Information] filebc10top_640r3.jpg 599 download [Information] filebc10bot_640.jpg 647 download [Information] filebc10top_640.jpg 668 download [Information]

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