PDA-like portable device (The image is product under development.)

  • Specification
    • gumstix verdex pro XL6P adopted
      • Processor: Marvell(R) PXA270 with XScale (600MHz)
      • Memory (RAM): 128MB
      • Memory (Flash ROM): 32MB
      • IO: SD/MMC, 3tty, AC97, I2C, SPI, USB...
    • display / input
      • 4.3inch Color TFT LCD panel (White LED backlight)
      • Touchscreen
    • Power Supply
      • AC adopter DC5V/1.5A over
      • operable with build-in Li-ion Battery(1100mAh)

bc9 is a PDA-like portable device equipped with an Embedded Linux.
We employ verdex pro of Gumstix,Inc. and enhance it.
It can operates Gumstix, Inc. version OpenEmbedded Linux without modification.
We port Android in addition. So bc9 is utilizable as Android eveluation kit.


  • CPU board
    • verdex pro XL6P
  • bc9/baseboard
    • various IO interfaces
    • sensor unit
    • bc9/AC97 audio function
    • bc9/power circuit (Li-ion battery charge capable)
    • RTC (RealTimeClock)
  • bc9/Color TFT LCD panel
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • outer case

saported USB devices

  • keyboard
  • USB flash memory
  • USB Ethernet (limited device only)
  • USB wifi (limited device only)
  • USB webcam (limited device only)

  • bc9/prototype version 0

This information is about under development device. Specification is subject to change.

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