Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a kind machine learning methods. The mathematical model of Deep Learning is created based upon the information processing and communication patterns in a nervous system. The applications of Deep Learnings are automatic speech recognition, image recognition, and drug discovery and toxicology.

Deep Learning/Installing Pylearn2 on CUDA

Pylearn2 is a python implementation of Deep Learning software. The article explains how to set up Pylearn2 on a CUDA environment. It starts explaining how to install CUDA on a Linux environment. Then , it explains how to install its requirements and Pylearn2 itself. For the details, please go to this page.

Deep Learning/Installing Chainer1.5

The article shows the points that you may be stumbled in the process to install Chainer 1.5 over Chainer 1.3 or 1.4. For more details, please read the article of Deep Learning/Installing Chainer1.5.

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  • 2015/03/06 This article is initially uploaded.
  • 2016/02/10 Deep Learning/Installing Chainer1.5 is added.

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