MeeGo is an open source Linux-based platform which is created from the mergence of Intel's Moblin and Maemo of Nokia.
This is currently hosted by the Linux Foundation. The base platform is called MeeGo Core Software Platform, which does
not include GUI. The GUI of MeeGo is regarded as UX (User Experience), and UX is highly specified for each type of device,
which each project is aimed at. Currently four projects are active, and some project may employ two different hardware
platforms. The overview of projects are listed below.

Platform/ProjectSpecificationVersionKernel VersionURL
MeeGo Core Software PlatformMeeGo Core OS1.
MeeGo for HandsetsARM-based Nokia N900Preview (Day1)?
Intel Atom-based handset (Moorestown)2.6.35
MeeGo for NetbooksIntel Atom-based netbooks1.
MeeGo for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)Intel Atom-based in-vehicle infotainment1.



  • MeeGo Core Software Platform
    • All UX projects share the features of MeeGo Core Software platform.
  • MeeGo Handset UX
    • This UX is for hand held devices. The current status is still preview.
  • MeeGo Netbook UX
    • This UX is developed for the netbooks. Most recnt version is v1.0.3. The instructions for installing MeeGo on netbooks are
      available at this page.
  • MeeGo for In-Vehicle Infotainment
    • This is an UX layer for in car devices. Recently, v1.0.0 is released.


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