These are articles about DE0-Nano, FPGA board developed by Terasic Technologies Inc.


The some articles include the topics of high-level Synthesis tools for FPGA are also listed in this section.
Synthesijer is a high-level synthesis tool that is capable of generating VHDL and Verilog HDL code from Java code.
JavaRock is the predecessor of Synthesijer.


This article explains how to install Synthesijer on DE0-Nano and shows to execute the examples (quickstart and led).
Please look at this page.


This article explains how to execute a sample program of JavaRock, a high-level synthesis tool for FPGA, on DE0-Nano.
The example is make the LED blink on the board. To visit the article, please click here.


This article explains how to install NiosII_uClinux on DE0-Nano. For the detail, please visit this page.

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