Raspberry Pi


Raspbian is a OS for Raspberry Pi. This is derived from debian.

Raspbian is derived from debian. It is modified and optimized for Raspberry Pi. Raspbian is NOT officially a part of debian. Raspbian is a derived OS of debian.

Since a single image of Raspbian supports both Raspberry Pi 1, which uses BCM2835 (ARM1176JZF-S 1-core), and Raspberry Pi 2, which employs BCM2836 (ARM Cortex-A7 4-core), simultaneously, Raspbian is built form ARMv6 Hardfloat.

Raspbian Wheezy

This is released on May 05, 2015
Detail information of Respbian Wheezy is listed at Raspbian Wheezy.

Raspbian Jessie

This is released on September 24, 2015
For morel information of Respbian Jessie, please visit Raspbian Jessie.

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