This section introduces the list of the hardware related projects. This publishes the technical information of the projects
which BeatCraft, Inc. has engaged in.


BC-USB-Kit is a USB-Gadget development kit, which is equipped with PIC24F128GB202 of Microchip Technology Inc.
For the details, please go to BC-USB-Kit.


ANT is a wireless sensor network protocol, which is running in 2.4GHz ISM band. This protocol is designed to manage to only
short distance communications between ANT devices. ANT is ultra-low energy consumption, yet it can handle very complex
styles of networks and provides reliable data communications. Since BeatCraft has developed and produced several ANT modules
and an ANT-USB dongle, the list of these devices are shown on ANT. Also the page lists the examples of the hardware
applications as well as the information of ANT related software.

Intel Atom

Intel Atom processor family is mainly aimed at mobile and embedded devices, whose energy consumption is lower than
the processors for desktop computers or its predecessors. This section demonstrates the results of porting Android and
the multimedia solutions on small Atom single board computers.


PICO821 is a single board computer, which is developed by Axiomtek Co., Ltd. This board is equipped with Atom Z510/530.
The footprint of the board is only 100 x 72 mm (Pico ITX form factor embedded platform). It shows the results of porting
Android-x86 1.6r2 ( on PICO821. PICO821's product page


HFMB-22 is a developed by DUX Inc. This is a single board computer, which is equipped with Atom Z510/530 series and can handle
up to 2 GB memory. This section shows the grater applications of HFMB-22. One example of HFMB-22 is porting's
Android-x86 1.6r2 on the board. The other example is that the board is set on a R/C vehicle. It sends visual information and receives
the information for handling, simultaneously. Product page of HFMB-22 (Japanese)


gumstix is a gum stick sized computer-on-module, which can handle embedded Linux as well as Android. This explain, which
employs verdex pro XL6P, PXA 270 (Marvell), shows how to install embedded Linux.

Other Hardware

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