The serial console of bc10 can be connected to the 30-pin connector. Communicating with a PC,
the serial console is useful. However, to utilize the serial console, an interface adapter is required.
This section introduces two examples of how to make a serial interface.

Serial Interface

Example 1

List of Parts

iPod Dock connector 30pin (Male)1http://www.sengoku.co.jp/mod/sgk_cart/search.php?toku=%25A4%25B3%25A4%25CD%25A4%25AF%25A4%25BFiPod&cond8=and&dai=&chu=&syo=&k3=2&pflg=n&list=4
EIA-574 connector (Female)1http://akizukidenshi.com/catalog/g/gC-00645/9pin D-Sub connector
MAX32321http://akizukidenshi.com/catalog/g/gI-00469/Serial level converter
Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF5
  • Wires (Recommend 0.26mm diameter single wires for connections)
  • Protoboard


  • J1 iPod Dock connector 30pin (Male)
    • Connect to bc10
  • J2 EIA-574 connector (Female)
    • Connected by straight cable (Null modem)
  • J3 PIN HEADER(10pin)
    • BeagleBoard (IBM PC mother board) equivalent. The converter for PC is usable, but if do not use it,
      do not need to put this PIN HEADER on the universal board.

Circuit Schematic

How to Assemble

  1. At J1 connector, a GND (#1, #2, #11, #15, 16, #29, or #30 pin), 3.3V (#18 pin), Tx (#12 pin), and
    Rx (#13 pin) are soldered to the wires
  2. According to the circuit schematic, put MAX3232, ceramic capacitors, and J2 on the protoboard
  3. Connect J1 to the universal board
  • Test the functionality of serial interface
    • EIA-574 is Null modem, so it can be connected to a RS-232C (straight and 9 pins)
    • To communicate the device, the settings of terminal software at the host PC are shown below
      • Speed:115200bps
        Data length:8bit
        Hardware Flow:None



Example 2

List of Parts

RS232C Interface IC1RSR 232C Interface IC ADM3202AN (DIP)http://akizukidenshi.com/catalog/g/gI-00469/Including ceramic capacitor 0.1uF 5qt.and DIP 16pin socket
Protoboard1DSub-9 board set (Small)http://akizukidenshi.com/catalog/g/gP-01335/Including DSub Connectors
ipod Interface board1iPod Interface board[IFB-iPod]http://www.aitendo.co.jp/product/1435
PIN HEADER1Pin Header (Male) 2x40 (80P)http://akizukidenshi.com/catalog/g/gC-00082/
Connector2Header socket 30P(MIL Standard)http://www.sengoku.co.jp/mod/sgk_cart/search.php?toku=%25E3%2581%2593%25E3%2581%25AD%25E3%2581%258F%25E3%2581%259F+BOX&cond8=and&dai=%25E3%2581%2591-%25E3%2581%25B6%25E3%2582%258B%25E3%2582%2581%25E3%2581%2599&chu=&syo=30&k3=0&list=2
Ribbon130-way 1.27mm PitchApproximately 30~50cm

How to Assemble

  • Break a set of PIN HEADER (1 set for 40-pin x 2 lines) into 2 sets of 15-pin x 2 line.
  • Solder the resized PIN HEADER into iPod interface board. Make sure the direction that the iPod interface
    board is attached to bc10, and be careful with the soldering side of the iPod board.
  • According to the circuit schematic, place RS232C on the universal board.
    • iPod 30pin (J1) is replaced with the 2 lines of the resized 15-PIN HEADER.
      • Since the iPod interface board is connected to ribbon cable later, do not confuse the pin numbers
        on the iPod interface board.
    • PIN HEADER 10p (J2) is only used when bc10 is communicated by the serial communication cable for
      BeagleBoar. Otherwise, it is not necessary.
    • J3 primarily uses the female side. Its cable is Null modem and the connection is cross. To use straight cable,
      it can be connected to a PC serial port.
      • When the male side of J3 is used, the 2nd and 3rd pins are exchangeable. As it is connect to PC, use cross
  • 30pin connectors are crimped with both edges of the 30-way ribbon cable. Pay attention to pin numbers and the
    directions of the connectors.
  • iPod interface board and the protoboard, which is equipped with RS232C interface, is connected. This is the
    end of the assembly process.
  • 30pin connector works well as it is connected only 4 required lines, and other connections can be skipped. GND
    is needed to only one connection out of seven GND connections. The selection is arbitrary.


  • Several chip makers produce clones of MAX3232, and the clones work fine and can replace the original here.
  • EIA-574 connector can be used for not only board-type but also cable-type. Depending on PC environment, freely
    set up the connector.
  • EIA-574 is the standardized name for DSub-9pin type of serial communication.

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