Armadillo-Box WS1 BLE Gateway

Armadillo-Box WS1, a product of Atmark Techno, Inc, uses i.MX257 as the CPU, which is also employed to Armadillo-400 series. The enclosures of Armadillo-Box and Armadillo-420 are the same size, but their colors are different. Armadillo-Box is equipped 32B/128M of ROM/RAM, respectively. These amounts of ROM/RAM are twice as many as Armadillo-420. Armadillo-Box has a module for Wi-SUN, which is a 920MHz wireless communication standard. Armadillo-Box uses Linux Kernel 3.14, and it is capable of handling the almost same applications that Armadillo-IoT of Atmark Techno, Inc can run.

In this series of articles, according to the system configuration, Wi-SUN is not required. Wi-SUN module is removed. In this example, the data of temperature are collected by BLE temperature logger. These temperature data are transmitted to the gateway, which is based upon Armadillo-Box WS1, via Bluetooth Low Energy. At the gateway, fluentd transforms the collected data into the data logs and sends to the log collecting server. At the log collecting server, fluentd collects the data logs from the gateway and elasticsearch and kibana3 visualizes the collected data logs.

Software configuration

Please add items listed below to the default UserLand of Armadillo-Box.

  • Bluetooth support (Bluetooth kernel driver, Bluez)
  • USB Wifi support (USB Wireless LAN driver)
  • fluentd
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Gateway application (BeatCraft original)

Required work

To modify Armadillo-Box WS1 into BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Gateway, please follow the instructions of each page, and install BLE, Wifi, and fluentd into Armadillo-Box WS1. The required work at each step, please look at the articles listed below.

Revision History

  • 2015-12-08: This article is initially released.

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