What is Android?

Android is a set of software for mobile devices, developed by the Open Handset Alliance.
Please refer to What is Android?

SDK and source code are opened to the public. Anyone can freely download and use them.

Android can be used for not only mobile phone environment but also enhancement for various devices.

Android for x86

This page explains how to built Android for x86. There are two different sets of the projects which port Android
on x86. One is, and the other is porting Android Open Source Project (AOSP) on x86 platform.
This section explains installing process of both projects.

Android for bc10


bc10, the successor of bc9, is a clone of BeagleBoard, and it is capable of running the several versions of Android.
These are versions of Android, which bc10 can run.


rowboat-eclair-dsp (Android 2.1) is originated from rowboat project, which ports Android (AOSP) to OMAP35x, AM35x,
AM37x, and DM37x platforms. The articles explain how to create a development environment to how to create a bootable
SD card for bc10.


Android-2.2_1.1 is the latest version of Android (Froyo). This is based upon (AOSP), and its kernel is modified for the
hardware of bc10. The article covers from creating its development environment to placing boot files into a boot SD

Android for bc9


Android has been booted on gumstix verdex pro based device bc9.
This explains a process of how to port Android on bc9 (gumstix).

required devices

The following devices have been tested.

  • bc9 (gumstix verdex pro based mobile device)
    • gumstix verdex pro
    • consoleLCD16-vx
    • Samsung LCD
  • self powered USB HUB
  • USB cable (connect onboard mini-B connector to USB HUB standard-A connector)
  • USB English layout keyboard (Android's UI require hardware key)
  • USB flash memory (put Android userland on this)

porting procedures

In order to boot Android on bc9 (gumstix), generally following two procedures are required.

  1. Setup Android bootable linux kernel and linux userland for bc9 (gumstix)
    Android kernel for bc9 (1/2)
    Android kernel for bc9 (2/2)

  2. Setup Android userland
    Android userland for bc9 (1/2)
    Android userland for bc9 (2/2)

Both operations need linux ubuntu 8.0.4.

booting procedure

Booting procedure of bc9 with ported Android environment.

Using OpenGL on Android

Android / Using OpenGL on Android explains how to introduce OpenGL on Android.

Using Bluetooth Low Energy on Android

Android / Using Bluetooth Low Energy on Android shows how to integrate API of BLE on Android application.
It shows demos of applications.

by Satoshi OTSUKA

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