bc10 FAQ

These are frequently asked questions about bc10. These are frequently updated, please visit regularly.

1. bc10 in general

Q.1-1: What is included in the bc10 set ? (What is in the box?)

  • A bc10 mainboard, an AMOLED, a CMOS camera module, and an expansion board. AC Adapter, serial cable,
    and JTAG cable are neither included in the bc10 set nor sold as options. User uses commercial products, or
    modifies the commercial product by yourself. All needed information is listed on BC::labs.

Q.1-2: Is a case or an enclosure included in the bc10 set?

  • A case or an enclosure is currently not included in the bc10 set. User prepare a board or base for supporting the
    mainboard and expansion board of bc10. Late January 2011, the case will be included in the bc10 set. All bc10
    will be shipped with its case.

Q.1-3: Can bc10 be used as a cell phone?

  • No. bc10 is not equipped with a 3G communication module. bc10 is not used as telecommunication tool.

Q.1-4 : According to Q.1-1, "AC Adapter, serial cable, and JTAG cable are neither included in the bc10 set nor sold as options," how can users prepare for these adapter and cables?

  • Please utilize commercially available products. Use or modify these products.
    The regular AC adapter (5V, 1A or larger), which is widely available at retail stores and internet shops, can be
    applicable without modification. JTAG cable is required for some work. JTAG board uses Tin Can Tools' commercial
    product, and cable is created for adjusting the seize of JTAG on bc10. The details of bc10's JTAG cable are listed
    at bc10/JTAG. For serial cable, please look at bc10/serial interface and bc10/serial interface with switches for the
    instructions and required parts. To use "30-pin breakout"for the serial interface, visit bc10/serial interface (breakout board).
    This explains how to make a serial interface with "30-pin breakout". "30-pin breakout" is sold as an option for bc10.
    This is NOT included in bc10 and only available from BeatCraft, Inc.

Q.1-5: According to Q.1-1, an expansion board is included in bc10. Does it refer to the expansion board with universal pattern or any other types of expansion boards?

  • The expansion board included in bc10 is different from the one with universal pattern. The included expansion board
    is specifically designed for managing power supply only, and it cannot be added any sensors and connectors. On the
    other hand, the expansion board sold as an option is intended for expansion. Users can add sensors and connectors. The
    details of this optional expansion board and the examples of use are listed in BC::labs.

2. About OS

Q.2-1: Which version of Android is installed in bc10?

  • It is Android-2.2_1.1 (Froyo). This OS is developed upon the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), so this OS
    cannot use the applications, which requires Google API such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Map, and Android Market.
    It also cannot handle the the Flash contents of websites.

Q.2-2: Which version of kernel is used for bc10

  • The kernel is considered as an extension of 2.6.32. 2.6.32 is modified for the hardware of bc10.

Q.2-3: Is it possible to use Linux?

  • Yes. Angstrom has already been tested. Ubuntu and other distributions for ARM can be used on bc10.

3. Android Market

Q.3-1: Can software listed on Android market be installed in bc10? Can software be downloaded from Android Market?

  • Because of Google API, AOSP cannot access to Google Market. However, the software that is distributed in the package
    (.apk extension ) as Google Market can be installed and used.

4. Battery

Q.4-1: Does bc10 work with batteries?

  • Yes. It has been confirmed that bc10 works with SANYO eneloop mobile booster (KBC-L2S), rechargeable battery. Other
    types of batteries will be tested, and the results of buttery tests will be publishes on BC::labs.


Q.5-1: Does the standard AMOLED has the touchscreen function as a standard feature?

  • The standard AMOLD comes with the touchscreen function.

Q.5-2: Is the touchscreen capable of multi-touch function?

  • No, the touchscreen is NOT capable of multi-touch function.

Q.5-3: Can the standard AMOLED be replaced with other AMOLEDs, LEDs, or other sizes of these displays?

  • bc10 is specifically designed for the standard 4.3 inch AMOLED. As the standard AMOLED is replaced with other LEDs,
    a major alternation is required.

6. Internal Sensors

Q.6-1: Does a camera come with a standard?

  • Yes. bc10 is equipped with CMOS specific camera interface, and the bc10 set includes that a 5M pixel camera module.

Q.6-2: Are a GPS and a motion sensor standard features?

  • Both a 20 channel GPS receiver and a 6-axis motion sensor (3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis digital compass) are standard
    features and installed on the mainboard of bc10.

7. WiFi & Bluetooth

Q.7-1: Can bc10 handle WiFi and Bluetooth communications?

  • The WiFi and Bluetooth communications are dealt by the USB connections. The compatible hardware of USB-WiFi and
    USB-Bluethooth and the the drivers of these USB devices will be announced at BC::labs.

8. USB and others

Q.8-1: Does bc10 accept a standard USB cable as it is connected to its peripherals?

  • bc10 is equipped with a USB A and USB mini AB sockets. These can be connected to the most widely used USB A plug cable,
    and other USB mini A and USB mini B plug cables. USB mini B plug cable is capable of connecting bc10 as a client to a USB of host
    PC when adb debug is done between the two devices through the USB connection. When an USB socket is connected to only one
    device, the device can be operated by USB bus power. As several USB devices are connected to a cable hub, use a powered hub.

Q.8-2: Can bc10 use a keyboard and mouse?

  • Yes. bc10 accepts commercially available USB-connected keyboards and mouse. To rewrite the key-layout configuration file, bc10
    can handle both Japanese and English keyboards. On the default setting of mouse, the right click is substituted for return key, and the
    left click is corresponding to home key. The configuration of mouse can be changed.

Q.8-3: Which capacity of SD card and microSD card can bc10 handle?

  • For a SD and SDHC cards, bc10 can handle 2GB and 8GB, respectively. bc10 can be booted from a SD card. A microSD card can
    be mountable on bc10, but bc10 is Not bootable from a microSD card.

Q.8-4: Is bc10 connected with an external monitor by HDMI?

  • The shape of that connector is HDMI, but its functionality is limited. The audio signal is not outputted, and only the video signal
    go through it. The HDMI is connected to DVI by a HDMI-DVI convertor (HDMI male to DVI-D male plug) plug. The maximum resolution
    of HDMI is 1280 x 720.

9. 30-pin connector

Q.9-1: What kind of signals 30-pin connector, which is located at the bottom of bc10, handle?

  • The signals that 30-pin connector outputs and inputs are shown below.
    • Stereo Audio Input
    • Stereo Audio Output
    • S-Video/Composite Video (Exclusive)
    • Serial Console
    • Power Switch
    • USER Button
    • RESET Button

S-Video and Composite are exclusive. S-Video or Composite is used at the connector at one time.

Q.9-2: Can the commercially available iPod/iPhone accessories be used at 30-pin connector on bc10?

  • Since there is neither compatibility nor the standard for 30-pin connectors, iPod/iPhone accessories generally cannot be used
    with 30-pin connector. As applying some functions, some accessories occasionally may be used, but the applications of the iPod/iPhone
    accessories are NOT recommended. As 30-pin connector is connected with the Firewire equipped iPod/iPhone accessories, bc10 will
    be significantly damaged.

Q.9-3: How 30-pin connector handles serial console, Audio input/output, and Video outputs, simultaneously?

  • Wiring from a male 30-pin connector plug, which is may be called either an iPod dock connector plug or a iPod interface board,
    the wires are soldered with the appropriate interfaces, such as the serial interface, Audio input/output, and Video output interfaces.
    There are examples of how to make serial interface and how to add the buttons and switch to the interface. For more information,
    please visit here and here, respectively.

Q.9-4: To use 30-pin connector, can reset, turn on and off of bc10 externally instead of using the switch and buttons on the maunboard?

  • Yes. As resetting and turning on/off bc10 externally, the switch on the mainboard of bc10 has to remain turning off.

Q.9-5: 30-pin plug cannot be pulled off from 30-pin connector as easy as ipod/iPhone. What should do?

  • There are usually latches at the both sides of a 30-pin plug. Please press the latches and release the lock, then
    gently pull the plug. If remove the plug forcefully, may damage the 30-pin connector and/or the main board of
    bc10, and causes some troubles. Please handle carefully.

10. Slot for Expansion Board

Q.10-1: What kinds of signals are outputted from slots for expansion boards, which are located at the both edges of the mainboard?

  • The signals are listed below.
    • GPIO
    • KeyPad (4x4)
    • UART1
    • I²C (2ch)
    • SPI (1ch)

The right and left slots handle the signals of GPIO and KeyPad, independently. The other signals are shared between the right and
left slots.

Q.10-2: Can the signals be applied directly from both slots for expansion boards?

  • At the slots, the signals are outputted at 1.8V CMOS level. If a logic of an expansion board is not at 1.8V, a converter is required
    for adjusting logic voltage level.

11. The Expansion Board included in the bc10 set

Q.11-1: How many buttons are on the expansion board?

  • Seven buttons on the board.

Q.11-2: What kind of connector is required for the power supply on the board?

  • To power supply, connect to DC 5V. 2A by USB mini B connector, or directly connect to the connection land of the mainboard.

Q.11-3: There is no power switch on the expansion board. How does bc10 turn on/off from the expansion board?

  • Its power supply works with the switch of the mainboard. Or, an external switch is connected to the 30-pin connector at the
    bottom of bc10.

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