Since there is empty space on the original serial interface, the original interface is revised and added a power switch and two
pushbutton switches are added. The new serial interface is connected to bc10 by the iPod Dock connector, but the lines of the
connector are directly wired to these switches on the protoboard of the new serial interface.

Serial interface (with Switch)

Example 1

This section only discusses how to add several switches on the serial interface. Assume that Example 1 at bc10/serial interface
has been completed and understood. For the information of the original serial interface, look at bc10/serial interface.

List of Additional Parts

OperationContact Rating
Toggle switch1Power on/off20 ~ 400 mA
Pushbutton switch2Push Button1 ~ 100 mA
Wires (Recommend 0.26mm diameter single wires for connections)

How to Assemble

  1. Part of serial interface is assembled (but leave the cover of connector open).
  2. Place Toggle and pushbutton switches on the Protoboard.
  3. The point A of Toggle switch is connected to GND and #28 at J1. As GND and #28 create short circuit, power of bc10
    is turned on.
  4. The point A of one pushbutton switch, which is used for USER, is wired to #24 and #26 at J1. As these causes short
    circuit, bc10 recognized that USER button is pushed.
  5. The other pushbutton switch is allocated for RESET. The point A of this pushbutton switch is attached to GND and #22
    at J1. When the button is pushed, GND and #22 are short circuited, and bc10 is reset.
  6. The connector cover of J1 is fully assembled, then the process is finished.


  • Whole connector
    • CIMG8279.JPG
  • Inside the connector (J1)
    • CIMG8280.JPG

Attach file: fileCIMG8280.JPG 1152 download [Information] fileCIMG8279.JPG 1189 download [Information]

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