This project is aimed at creating a router based on bc10. This router is called bc10-router, and its functionality is a basic level of functionality as a router. This project has used hardware and parts, which are widely available at market. This project provides a software solution for creating a router.

This article provides the overview of this project and lists the parts, functionality, and its built system. A specific subject of related technical information is listed at different pages, so please click its link.

List of Major Parts

The most parts, which are used for creating bc10-router, are listed below.

  • bc10 x 1
  • AC Adapter x 1
  • 4-port USB AC powered hub x 1
  • Wireless LAN USB adapter (WLI-UC-AG300N) x 1
  • LAN USB adapter (WAN side: LUA3-U2-TAX) x 1

List of Device IDs and Drivers for Major Parts

Device ID and driver for each USB network device are listed below.

  • Wireless LAN USB adapter
    Product NameVendor IDProduct IDDriver

  • LAN USB adapter
    Product NameVendor IDProduct IDDriver
    LUA3-U2-ATX0b957720AX88772 USB

List of Features and Applications

The features of bc10-router and their corresponding applications, which enable bc10-router to execute the features, are listed below.

Name of FeatureApplication used for Feature
Wireless LAN Access Point Functionhostapd
Mode Switching Function (router /bridge)Scripts
DHCP Daemon Function (LAN side)dnsmasq
DHCP Client Function (WAN side)udhcpc
Bridge Functionbrctl
NAT/NAPT Functioniptables
DNS Functiondnsmasq, resolve.conf
Packet Filter Functioniptables
Security Filter Functionkernel function, iptables
SSHD Functiondropbear
USB Device Managing Functionudev, usb-modeswitch
Ethernet Cable Insertion and Removal Monitoringifplugd

About Build Machine

To create an image of bc10-router, a build machine is needed. The detail specifications of the build machine, such as its software and hardware, are shown below.

  • CPU: Coi7 2.93GHz
  • Memory: 8GB
  • OS: Ubuntu 10.04 (64bit)
    • kernel: 2.6.32-43-generic

Build System

To create the image of bc10-router, these two build systems are used.


This is a part of OpenEmbedded Linux Project, which is maintained by TI. The information of how to create the build system, which uses arago-project, is listed at bc10-router/arago-project.


This project is managed by buildroot, which provides a set of Makefiles and patches for generating an embedded Linux system. This uses the buildroot, which is originally and specifically created for beagleboard-xm. For farther technical information of buildroot, please visit bc10-router/buildroot.

To measure the network performance

The network performance of bc10-router is measured, and the results of the measurement is published. The details and results of the network performance measurement are listed at the page of bc10-router/network performance measurement.

To Update System

To improve the network performance of bc10-router, the image's linux kernel is updated. The image is created by arago-project. The steps of how to update are published at bc10-router/kernel update.

As linux kernel is updated, u-boot, which is the second boot loader for OMAP3530 is also updated. the process of how u-boot is updated is shown at bc10-router/u-boot update.


As kernel is frequently updated, such as in a development, u-boot's tftpboot is highly useful. For the farther information of how to execute tftpboot, please visit bc10-router/tftpboot.

Power Management

This article reports the operation verification for the power management of OMAP3540, which is used for bc10.


The results of the examination of cpufreq, the dynamic operating frequency change function, are reported at bc10-router/cpufreq.

Suspend / Resume

This section examines the details of Suspend/Resume of OMAP3530. In Suspend is state, the current operating information is stored into the memory, then CPU goes to sleep status. Resume is the revere of Suspend. CPU brings back the saved information from memory and goes to active. For the details, please look at bc10-router/Suspend Resume.

Revision History

  • 2013/07/04 This article is initially updated

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