This section explains the build process of rowboat and shows how to install rowboat on bc10. rowboat is a community,
and its project port the open sourced Android for Texas Instruments Devices (OMAP35x, AM37x, and AM35x platforms).
Particularly, this project emphasizes graphics and multimedia performance optimizations (utilize the platform specific
features such as DSP, SGX graphics accelerator, and others). The build process has been originally developed for
BeagleBoard and other its clones. In this section, but it is specifically arranged and organized for bc10. Since bc10 is a
clone of BeagleBoard, the build process, which is reworked for bc10, is also highly applicable to BeagleBoard and its clones.


This section discusses the build process of rowboat-eclair-dsp for bc10. rowboat-eclair-dsp is based upon Eclair branch
of the Android Open Source Project (open source version of Android 2.1), and DSP stack of Texas Instruments and SGX
driver are added to it. It primarily covers from the setting of development environment, the preparation for the build
process, to the build process. At the end, it briefly touches how to create the bootable SD card for bc10. This section
is divided into the four subsections. The contents of the subsections are described below.

Caution: Since rowboat is from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), it does NOT support Google API and applications
that requires Google APT: YouTube, Gmail, Google Map, and Android Market as examples. Also, it does not handle the Flash
contents of websites.

  • bc10/rowboat-eclair-dsp-1
    • This section describes the setting of the development environment and other preparation works for build.
  • bc10/rowboat-eclair-dsp-2
    • It argues SGX and DSP integration. This subsection mostly deals with how to adjust the build process for
      the integration of DSP stack.
  • bc10/rowboat-eclair-dsp-3
    • It continues to argue SGX and DSP integration. This subsection shows the preparation for building SGX and
      how to build SGX.
  • bc10/rowboat-eclair-dsp-4
    • This section briefly explains how to create a bootable SD card for bc10.


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