These are some results of software projects. These software projects cover from a simple introduction to the
complex task of installation process.


This section summarizes the information of Android and Android related projects. Android is a mobile device
software platform delivered by Open Handset Alliance. Android is not only used in different devices, but also
ported several platforms. This section shows the overview of Android and explains how to port different
platforms and and hardware.

Go to Android.


MeeGo is a Linux based open source project, which is created from the merger of Nokia's Maemo and Moblin of Intel.
As an OS, its application is diverse. Depending on its GUI, MeeGo can be served for different types of devices. This
section explains Core Platform of MeeGo and the various GUI called UX for devices, and reports the present status of
these platform and projects. It also describes the installation process of MeeGo for netbook.

Go to MeeGo

Other Software

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