Chumby is a consumer electrics product, which is introduced by Chumby Industries, Inc. This basically embedded
computer running Linux OS. This is equipped with wifi, LAN, touch screen, and motion sensor. Chumby can be
customized by users. This explains how to create the cross compile environment for chumby.

Specifications of Hardware

350 MHz ARM9- based Freescale I.MX21 controller
64 MB of SDRAM
64MB of NAND flash ROM
320 x 240, 3.5 inch touchscreen TFT LCD , which is running at 12 fps
Stereo 2 W speakers x 2 headphone jack
integrated Wi-Fi
a bend sensor for squeezed based user interface features
3-axis accelerometer 
USB 2.0 FS ports x2 

Cross Compile Environment

This was originally done in Ubuntu 7.0, but Ubuntu 8.04 can handle this task without any hitch. Subversion and
ssh are not initially installed in Ubuntu, so highly recommend installing these software before setting up the cross
compiler environment.

First, download toolchain and install it. Caution: this is for installing the GNU toolchain for older version of Chumby
firmware. Linux environment is required for handling this task.

sudo wget  http://files.cumby.com/toolchain/arm-linux-v4.1.2b.tar.gz
sudo tar zxvf arm-linux-v4.1.2b.tar.gz

tool directory is created and installed under /user/bin
Set up PATH

export PATH=/usr/bin:$PATH

The building process of cross compile environment is ended.



This is a demo. This application utilizes its internal 3-axis accelerometer.


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