This section briefly explains how to build FFmpeg for gumstix verdex pro and chumby. For farther information
of these products, please visit the websites of the products.


Caution: In this section, it is assumed that PATH to crosstool is established.

For gumstix verdex pro (2008.07)

# tar xvf ffmpeg-20070525.tar
# cd ffmpeg-20070525/
# ./configure --disable-static --enable-shared --cross-prefix=arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi- \
  --cross-compile --arch=arm --prefix=/FFMPEG/OUT/DIR
# make
# make install

For Chumby (2008.04)

svn checkout -r 8533 svn:// ffmpeg
$ cd ffmpeg
$ ./configure --prefix={your_work_DIR} \ 
              --disable-vhook \
              --disable-network \
              --enable-shared \
              --disable-static \
              --enable-memalign-hack \
              --arch=arm \
              --disable-armv5te \
              --disable-armv6 \
              --disable-debug \
              --enable-small \
              --target-os=arm-linux \
              --cross-compile \
$ make
$ make install 

Caution: As the error message, arm-unknown-linux-gnu/bin/Id: cannot find -lavformat, shows up, SWSMAJOR
and SWSVERSION in config.mak are often empty.


To write down the values, the build process goes through.


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