PICO821 is a small footprint (Pico-ITX form factor) single board computer. Regardless of its size, this is a fully equipped single board
computer. This is developed by Axiomtek Co., Ltd. (This demo is mede possible by the courtesy of Tokyo Electron Device Limited. )



CPU          : Intel Atom processor Z510/Z530 (1.1GHz/1.6GHz) on board with FSB 400/533 MHz
Memory       : 200-pin SO-DIMM slot x 1 (PC2700 DDR2-533 SO-DIMM, maximum 2GB)
Chipset      : Intel System Controller Hub US15W
Ethernet     : 10/100/1000 Mbps port x1 (Wake-on-LAN/PXE Boot ROM with Realtek RTL811B)
Audio        : Mic-in/ Lin-in/ Line-out (HD Codec audio with Reaktek ALC888)
Size         : 100 x 72 mm
Power Supply : +5V (+5VSB)


Connected with the cables and others, which are included in the board set

  • In the Box
AX93221 24bit LVDS to DVI-D Bd. x1
PICO821 LVDS to AX93221 cable   x1
2 x USB cable                   x2
PICO821 USB client port cable   x1
PICO821 COM + KB cable          x1
PICO821 audio cable             x1
PICO831 power in cable          x1


Android-x86 1.6r2 is ported for PICO821. The directions of the porting process is shown here. This would work with any
Atom Z510/Z530 and US15W chipset family.


Attach file: filepico821_b.jpg 1575 download [Information] filepico821_android.jpg 1638 download [Information] filepico821_a.jpg 1584 download [Information]

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