This is a single board computer, which is developed by DUX, Inc.



CPUIntel Atom processor Z510/Z530 (1.1GHz/1.6GHz)
Memory200-pin SO-DIMM slot x 1 (PC2700 DDR2-400/533 SO-DIMM, maximum 2GB)
ChipsetIntel System Controller Hub US15W
Ethernet10/100/1000 Mbps port x1 (Wake-on-LAN capable)
AnalogRGB15-pin DSub connector (1280 x 1024 16 Million color, On-Board EDID capable)
LVDS2mm pitch 28-pin connecter (Single channel 18/24 Bit Max 1366 x768 dot 16 Million color, On-Board EDID capable)
USBUSB 2.0 x 6 (TypeA Connector x2, 2.54mm-pitch pinhead x 4 (2 of them are HighSpeed only)
COMRS-232C x2 (2 mm pitch, Internal pinhead)
AudioHDAudio Mic-in (Mono) 3.5mm Mini-Jack/ Lin-out (Stereo) 3.5mm Mini-Jack/ Speaker-out (Stereo 1.5W + 1.5W 8Ω, 2 pin connector x 2)
CFType I, Type II compatible, U.DMA capable
Touchscreen4-line analog Resistive touchscreen
PS/2keyboard/mouse (Branch cable capable, keyboard/branch cable selective)
DIODigital Input/Output 8ch input/output (1.25 pitch 20 pin connector)
Expansion BusPCI Express x1 (Board connection 30-pin connector)
Size102 (W) x 145 (D) mm
Power Supply+5V (+5VSB)
Power Consumption2A (Body with 512MB memory only)


Android-x86 for HFMB-22

Android is ported for HFMB-22. The ported Android is originally developed at Android-x86.org, and its version is v1.6r2.
This process can be applicable to other Atom Z510/Z530 and US15W chipset boards in general.

Jakar Media Framework for Atom.

HFMB-22 is on a R/C car and handles sending visual information and receiving the information of handling, simultaneously.
Jakar Media Framework, a middleware for multimedia framework, can handle the sophisticated synchronization of multimedia
information with limited resources. This demonstrates that HFMB-22 and Jakar manage the complex tasks with grate efficiency.
Also, this shows the wider application of Atom platform and Jakar Media Framework.

The OS used here is Linux, not Android. Jakar Media Framework runs on Linux.

In this pictures, the front camera is replaced with the Stereo Camera (SCAM), which is developed by Applied Vision Systems Corp.



Attach file: filejcar2.jpg 1581 download [Information] fileatom-android1.6_01.jpg 1568 download [Information] fileesec2010_prep2.png 1629 download [Information]

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