BeatRun Manual

1. Overview

BeatRun is an iOS application, which tracks workout such as walking, running, and bicycling and displays the workout data in real time. BeatRun also records and manages the workout data. To use the internal GPS sensor, BeatRun finds out the present location and calculate distance, time, speed, and pace of workout.

2. Features

2.1 Basic Features

  • BeatRun is capable of tracking three different types of workout such as waking, running, and bicycling.
  • To use the internal GPS sensor of iPhone or iPod touch, BeatRun detects the present location, and it displays the start, goal, the present location, path of present workout on the map.
  • Because of using the internal GPS sensor, BeatRun does not require any other sensors to use its basic functions.
  • To use the collected GPS data, BeatRun calculates distance, speed, average speed, and pace.
  • BeatRun shows the numerical data and location data on the map in real time.
  • BeatRun can saves the numerical data and location data including a map, in iPhone or iPod touch.
  • BeatRun can upload the saved workout data to Social Network Service from your iPhone or iPod touch. PC is not required. The compatible Social Network Service are:
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • RunKeeper
  • Comments can be added to Twitter and Facebook.

2.2 Additional Features

As ANT Adapter is attached to iPhone or iPod touch, BeatRun can handle the selected ANT+sensors. ANT+ device profiles, which BeatRun supports are shown below.

  • Stride Based Speed & Distance (STP, SPD)
  • Heart Rate Monitor (HR)
  • Bicycle Speed & Cadence (CAD, SPD, S&C)
    ANT+ sensors, which BeatCraft has confirmed to pair with ANT Adapter, are listed at the section of ANT/ANT Adapter. Please visit ANT/ANT Adapter.

3. Requirements

3.1 Requirements

To use BeatRun, your Apple device (iPhone or iPod touch) must meet the requirements shown below.

  • iOS 5.1 or later
  • GPS sensor
  • 30-pin connector (To use the Apple original Lightning -30pin adapter, ANT Adapter can be attached to the devices, which are equipped with Lightning connector.)

3.2 Supported Mode

  • iPhone
    • iPhone 3GS
    • iPhone 4
    • iPhone 4S
    • iPhone 5
  • iPod touch
    • iPod touch (the 3rd generation)
    • iPod touch (the 4th generation)
    • iPod touch (the 5th generation) (iPhone 5 and iPod touch (the 5th generation) are required the Apple original Lightning-30pin adapter for using ANT Adapter.)

4. How to Use BeatRun

4.1. Basics

  1. Download BeatRun from iTunes App Store.

  2. Make sure that GPS is turned on. (Turn off Airplane Mode.)

  3. Touch “Start.”


  4. If GPS sensor cannot receive enough geographical information or the accuracy of GPS is low, a pop-up window shows up, asking whether you will start a workout session or not. If you are going to start your workout, please select Start.


  5. Then, To touch a button, a screen is slide up. Please select one workout you will do out of three types of workout such as walking, running, and bicycling. Then, the workout will start.


  6. To pose the workout, please touch Pose.


  7. To restart the suspended workout, please touch Restart. If you wish to finish the workout, please select Complete, As you select the Complete, a pop-up window shows up and asks the confirmation of finishing the workout.


  8. To select Complete, the screen is shifted to History from Workout. If you save the data of this workout, please touch Close button located at the upper-left side corner. If you wish to discard the data, please touch the trash can icon located at the upper-right side corner.


4.2 How to Set Up Connection to Social Network Service

  1. To use social network service such as Twitter, Facebook, and RunKeeper from BeatRun, please register social network service, which you wish to upload the data to, before you start setting up the connection.

  2. Please download iOS applications of Twitter and Facebook and set up Twitter and Facebook from Settings. As you completed the set-up of Twitter and Facebook at Settings, you can upload your workout data from BeatRun to Twitter and Facebook, directly.

  3. To establish a connection between BeatRun and RunKeeper, please go to Setting for Connection section of BeatRun from Menu. (To go to Menu, please touch Menu button located at upper-left side corner.)


  4. Please select RunKeeper at the section of Setting for Connection.


  5. As RunKeeper opens, please touch Connect to RunKeeper.


  6. As you touch Connect to RunKeeper, a browser application starts and the log-in screen of RunKeeper appears.
    ・At the log-screen, please inputs e-mail address and password for your RunKeeper account. Then, touch Submit button.
    ・If you wish to log in with Facebook, please touch Log in With Facebook.


  7. The screen is shifted to the authentication screen. Please touch Allow green button.


  8. As you touch Allow button, the screen is shifted back to RunKeeper at Setting for Connection. If there is Disconnect button below Connect to RunKeeper, the configuration is successfully completed.


4.3 How to Upload Data to Social Network Service

  1. As you finish a session of workout, you touch Complete button. Then, the screen is automatically shifted to History. Please touch a button located at the bottom of left corner. To touch the button, a screen is slide up. Then, select one of Social Network Service.


    ・If you like to upload data from already saved ones, please go to the menu and select History form the list. Then, choose one workout record from the list.


  2. As you select Twitter or Facebook, you can add comment to the saved data. To upload the comment and data together, please touch the button located at the upper right hand corner.




    ・To upload the data to RunKeeper, please touch RunKeeper button. You can not add the comment to the data. The numerical data is only uploaded.


4.4 How to Communicate with ANT+ Sensor

  1. Please attach ANT Adapter to 30-pin connector of iPhone or iPod touch. If iPhone or iPod touch has Lightning connector, please use the Apple original Lightning-30pin adapter.

  2. As attaching ANT Adapter, a pop-up window appears as confirmation. If you wish to configure the setting of ANT+sensor, please select Setting of Sensor.


  3. To touch Setting of Sensor, the screen is shifted to the part of Setting of Sensor. Please select a category abased upon ANT+ device profile of your ANT+sensor.


    ・The setting can be edited anytime. If you with to change the setting of your ANT+ sensor, please touch the upper-left side corner, go to Menu. Then, please select Setting of Sensor.


  4. As you select one of ANT+ select a device profiles, its configuration screen appears. There is Connect button in the configuration screen. As you touch the button, BeatRun starts the pairing process and looking for the ANT+ sensor. if you do not attach ANT Adapter at this moment, a pop-up window shows up and asks to attach ANT Adapter to your Apple device.


  5. As the pairing process is completed, ID number of your ANT+ sensor and other default values of the setting are automatically input. You can not change ID number of ANT+ sensor but you can change other values. If you want to save the changes of values, please touch Save button which is located at the upper-right corner. If you want to discard the new values, please touch Cancel button, and the previously saved values are restored.


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