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ANT Adapter is designed for working the 30pin connecter equipped iPhone and iPod touch, and it enables iPhone and iPod touch to communicate with ANT/ANT+ sensors. As ANT Adapter supports some ANT+ device profiles, it lets iPhone and iPod touch to pair with some ANT+ sensors and to exchange data. To establish communication with ANT+ sensors, iPhone and iPod touch need BeatRun, an iOS application, which is specifically created for ANT Adapter. (For the details of BeatRun, please visit ANT/BeatRun.)

2. Specifications


ANT ChipNordic Semiconductor: nRD24AP2-8CH
Size, Weight3.1 x 3.1 x 0.6 cm、5g
Working Environment-10℃ ~ 50℃
Supporting ModeliPhone 3GS、iPhone4、iPhone4S、iPod touch(the 3rd )、iPod touch(the 4th generation)
As ANT Adapter is attached to Apple Original Lightning-30pin adapter, it works with iPhone 5 and iPod touch(the 5th generation)
Protocol2.4GHz / ANT、ANT+device profiles
Supporting ANT+device profilesStride Sensor, Heart Rate Monitor, Bicycle Speed and Cadence Sensor
OthersPassed the certification test of AppleMFi Program, and received Technical Conformity from the Japanese regulatory authority

3. Supported ANT+ sensors

3.1 ANT+ device profiles

  • Foot Speed (SPD), Distance (STP)
  • Heart Rate (HR)
  • Bike Speed (SPD), Bike Cadence (CAD), and Bike Speed and Cadence (S&C)

3.2 ANT+ sensors

As of May 2013, the pairing of these ANT+ sensors with ANT Adapter has been confirmed.

  • Foot Speed & Distance Sensors
    • GARMIN Foot Pod(010-11092-00)
    • beurer SpeedboxII(676.21)
  • Heart Rate Monitors
    • GARMIN Heart Rate Monitor(010-10997-00)
    • beurer Chest Strap(Included in MP90、MP80、MP70 as standard)
  • Bike Speed / Cadence Sensors
    • GARMIN Speed/Cadence Bike Sensor(010-10644-00)
    • Pioneer Cadence(Speed)Sensor(Included in SGY-CS100、SGX-CN700 as standard)
    • MINOURA Speed & Cadence Sensor(separated type)(400-5010-00)
    • Yupiteru ANT+ ATLAS(wireless)SPEED SENSOR(OP-ANTSP01)
    • Yupiteru ANT+ ATLAS(wireless)CADENCE SENSOR(OP-ANTCA02)

4. Warranty and others

4.1 Limited Warranty

BeatCraft, Inc. warrants ANT Adapter against defects in materials and workmanship under original consumer use for a period of one year form the date of original retail purchase. To obtain the limited warranty service, please look at Support page of ANT Adapter.

4.2 Caution and Waring

  • Please do not leave nor operate ANT Adapter where the temperature becomes really high. Please do not heat ANT Adapter.
  • Please do not operate ANT Adapter in high humid place. Please do not touch nor operate ANT Adapter with wet hands.
  • Please do not drop ANT Adapter. Please handle it carefully. Please do not apply a strong shock to ANT Adapter.
  • To take care of ANT Adapter, please detach ANT device form iPhone or iPod touch. Please do not apply to organic solvents such as thinner or benzine. Do not polish ANT Adapter with hard cloth since it may cause scratches on the surface of ANT Adapter.
  • Please do not touch 30-pin connector directly nor short-circuit the connector. If dusts are attached to the connector, please remove them gently and carefully.
  • ANT Adapter has not tested with all ANT+ fitness and health management sensors. The sensors that BeatCraft officially confirmed the pairing with ANT Adapter are shown in the previous section. BeatCraft recommends to use the tested sensors highly.
  • ANT Adapter only supports BeatRun, which is created by BeatCraft, Inc and designed specifically for ANT Adapter. ANT Adapter does not work with any other ANT/ANT+ iOS applications.
  • ANT Adapter has been received Technical Conformity from the Japanese regulatory agency. It is illegal to modify and/or to alter ANT Adapter.

4.3 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does ANT Adapter support iPhone 5?
A: To use Apple original Lightning-30pin adapter, BeatCraft confirms that ANT Adapter works with iPhone 5. However, BeatCraft does not officially support iPhone 5. To use with iPhone 5, the limited warranty does not caver ANT Adapter. If you with to use ANT Adapter to iPhone 5, please do it at your own risk.

Q: Does ANT Adapter support other 30-pin connector equipped iPad and iPod Touch?
A: As of today, ANT Adapter officially supports iPhone 4 and 4S. However, since ANT Adapter fully supports BeatRun, ANT Adapter can work with iPhone and iPod touch which are equipped with 30-pin connector and internal GPS. In short, ANT Adapter works with iPhone and iPod touch which support BeatRun (iPhone 5 and the 5th generation of iPod touch require Lightning-30pin adapter.)

Q: Which ANT+ sensors does ANT Adapter support?
A: Please look at the list of tested ANT+ sensors. ANT Adapter basically supports the ANT+ device profiles of Stride Based Speed & Distance, Heart Rate, and Bicycle Speed & Cadence.

Q: Does ANT Adapter support iOS applications of GARMIN, Wahoo, and DigiFit in addition to BeatRun?
A: No. Only BeatRun.

Q: Does ANT Adapter work with any other ANT/ANT+ enable iOS applications, which are available at iTunes App Store?
A: No. BeatRun only.

Q: Does ANT Adapter support Bluetooth?
A: No. ANT/ANT+ only.

Q : Does ANT Adapter supportBluetooth low energy (BLE)?
A: No. only ANT/ANT+.

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