Android for bc9

required devices

We tested on following devices.

  • bc9 (gumstix verdex pro based mobile device)
    • gumstix verdex pro
    • consoleLCD16-vx
    • Samsung LCD
  • self powered USB HUB
  • USB cable (connect onboard mini-B connector to USB HUB standard-A connector)
  • USB English layout keyboard (Android's UI require hardware key)
  • USB flash memory (put Android userland on this)

porting procedures

In order to boot Android on bc9 (gumstix verdex pro), generally following two procedures are required.

  1. Setup Android bootable linux kernel and linux userland for bc9 (gumstix)

  2. Setup Android userland

Both operations need linux ubuntu 8.0.4.

booting procedure

Booting procedure of bc9 with ported Android environment.

by Satoshi OTSUKA

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