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This section explains how to create an USB Breakout, which is actually an USB Type A (male)-Type A (female) cable. This
type of USB is cable required for examining each signal of USB cable by a logic analyzer or an oscilloscope.

Configuration of USB terminal

The table below shows the configuration of USB 2.0. The color of each internal wears is predetermined according to
its specification.


How to make USB Type A (male)-Type A (female) cable

  • Requirements
    • A cable, which is met with USB 2.0 standard
    • CK-19
  • Instructions
    • Cut the USB 2.0 cable at the appropriate length. It will be cut shorter than expected. (It tends to be longer than really needed.)
    • Assemble CK-19, place each wire of the cable at selected terminal of USB 2.0, and solder each pin and wire.
  • Completion
    DSCF5258.JPG DSCF5259.JPG

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