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This section discusses applications of AMI602 (G² motion sensor 6-Axis type), a 6-Axis motion sensor.
AMI602 is a product of Aichi Micro Intelligent Corp. The sensor is put on a DIP16 size breakout board
for better handling. AMI602 can be easily accessed from PIC/AVR and other one-chip micro computer
by I²C path. In this section, two examples are introduced. One example uses the module with a PIC
microcontroller, and the other is to make the module become a part of shield for Arduino.

Please do not contact with Aichi Micro Intelligent Corp for technical questions and/or supports. The
company does not support AMI602 Breakout module. (AMI602 Breakout Module is a product of
BeatCraft, Inc. If there are any questions and concerns, please submit to bc9dev.)

About VID voltage

  • Extra information form Aichi Micro Intelligent Corp.
    According to the recommended operating conditions listed on the data sheet of section [8], the
    recommended operating condition of VID is from 1.65~VDD (Typ. 1.8V), but there is a report
    that the some products use the sensors at the range between 1.65~2.4V. 
    It is true that  a sample schematic diagram notes VID = 3.3V, and  several sensors tested at Aichi
    Micoro Intelligent's office have worked well at VID = 3.3V.  Just reminder that if the sensor is operated
    at such level of voltage , it will be considered as outsides of the guaranteed operating conditions.
    Since the absolute maximum ratings of the sensor are between -0.3V and + 4.0V, the sensor does
    not brake down immediately. However, it will not work correctly. Please set VID is lower than 2.4V as
    using the sensor.

A sample with PIC 24FJ64 GA002

  • Schematic Diagram
    • PDF filebc10-002-0001.pdf
    • OrCAD fileBC10-002-0001.DSN
      • On the schematic diagram, DNI indicates that parts are not actually installed. C10 is added
        when the fluctuations of low frequency, which is generated form power supply are quite large.
      • C10 and C11are electrolytic capacitors, and other capacitors are ceramic capacitors. Especially,
        C3 should be the same type of capacitor as X5R or X7R .
      • The early version of PIC 24FJ64 GA002 cannot communicate through I2C1 correctly.
      • In some LCD character displays, Vss is defined as Vdd and vice versa. Please be careful as
        using some LED character display other than SC2004CS.display series.
      • To use backlit LCD character display, please be careful with the electrodes of the backlit LED.
  • Sample Source Program
    • This program uses MPLAB IDE and MPLAB C Compiler for PIC24 developed by Microchip Technology Inc.
    • PICkit3 is employed as a debugger.
      • Register and compile the source file, which is created from unzipped compressed file. Then, write
        into the PIC.
      • The sample program is quite simple. Initialize the sensor and display the outcomes.
      • The serial port says 11500 bps, 8bit, None party, No hardware flow, and it outputs the debug

A Sample with Arduino

  • Schematic Diagram
    AMI602 Breakout -> Pin # of Arduino 
    AMI602    1:    -> Arduino A5
    AMI602    2:    -> 2V (generated from 5V by power circuit) 
    AMI602    3:    -> Arduino A4
    AMI602    4:    -> Arduino D4
    AMI602    6:    -> Arduino D6
    AMI602    7:    -> Arduino D7
    AMI602    9:    -> Arduino GND
    AMI602   10:    -> Arduino 3V3

VID of AMI602 is from 1.65 V to 2.4 V, the level shift is required.


  • Sample Source Programs
    • Arduino side
      • Decompress the file, open up the decompressed file in Arduino IDE. Then upload it to Arduino.
    • Processing side
      • Unzip the file, open up the file in processing. Then execute the program.
      • Use this file with the sample of Arduino side (
      • To Depend on its environment, change the configuration of the serial port.
      • To utilize the outputs of 3-axis magnetometer, the program can calculate and display the direction.

AMI602 Arduino Shield


List of AMI602 Arduino Shield parts


(Click for larger image)

1Ceramic Capacitor 0.1μF1
2Regulator LM317LZ1
3Capacitor 1μF1
4Resistor 10KΩ6
5Resistor 5.1KΩ1
6Resistor 2.4KΩ1
7Resistor 1.5KΩ2
8Resistor 1KΩ2
9Resistor 330Ω1
11Pin Header 40x1 2.54mm1
12Shield Body1


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