BC-USB-Kit Pin Header Information

To use BC-USB-Kit, you need to solder pin headers at the through-holes of BC-USB-Kit.
BC-USB-Kit two types of pins: a DIP 28p pin header and an L-shaped 6-pin pin header.
The pitch of these pins is 100mil. You may apply to any other pins if their pitch is 100mil.

DIP 28P pin header

To use BC-USB-Kit with an IC socket, bread board, and so on, a DIP 28p pin header is soldered to J1 expansion and ICSP connection terminals.

28pin1.jpg 28pin2.jpg

L-shaped 6-pin pin header

To connect BC-USB-Kit with an In-Circuit Debugger, an L-shaped 6-pin pin header is soldered to J2 ICSP connection terminals.


You can cut a longer version of L-shaped pin header for this use.

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