How to Access RunKeeper from BeatRun

1. Overview: About RunKeeper

RunKeeper is a mobile application, which collects data of excise such as running so on by GPS and manages collected data. RunKeeper also provide social network service for its users. Users can share excise data with friends. For developers, RunKeeper has made its API (Health Graph API) public and allows the third-party mobile applications to access the social network service of RunKeeper.
To let BeatRun access to RunKeeper, You may share the workout data with your friends. Also, you may enjoy other features of RunKeeper as you use BeatRun.

2. How to Connect to RunKeeper form BeatRun.

  1. Please register to social network service of RunKeeper on the web, first.

  2. To open up the menu of BeatRun, touch the menu icon at the upper left conner of BeatRun.


  3. Select Setting of Connection from the menu, then choose RunKeeper from the list.


  4. As open up RunKeeper, touch Connect to RunKeeper.


  5. As you touch Connect to RunKeeper, a browser application starts and the log-in screen of RunKeeper appears. At the log-screen, please inputs e-mail address and password for your RunKeeper account. Then, touch Submit button. If you wish to log in with Facebook, please touch Log in With Facebook.


  6. Then, the screen is shifted to the authentication screen. Please touch Allow green button.


  7. As you touch Allow button, the screen is shifted back to RunKeeper at Setting for Connection. If there is Disconnect button below Connect to RunKeeper, the configuration is successfully completed.


3. How to Upload Data to RunKeeper

  1. As you finish a session of workout, you touch Complete button. Then, the screen is automatically shifted to History. Please touch a button located at the bottom of left corner.


    ・If you like to upload data from already saved ones, please go to the menu and select History form the list. Then, choose one workout record from the list.


  2. To touch the button, a screen is slide up. Then, touch RunKeeper.


  3. To upload the data to RunKeeper, please touch RunKeeper button. You can not add the comment to the data. The numerical data is only uploaded.


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