BC::labs publishes the information of the Open Source Gadget, Software, DIY Electronics, and others.
This site provides not only the results of these projects, but also the whole process of projects.
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Open Source Gadgets


bc10 is an Open Source Gadget and is developed as the successor of bc9. bc10 is capable of running
OpenEmbedded Linux, and Android. Unlike bc9, bc10 is equipped with two slots for Expansion Board,
and Expansion Board handles expansions and modifications.


bc9 is a PDA-like portable device, which runs OpenEmbedded Linux as well as Android. bc9 employs
gumstix verdex pro as CPU Board. Base Board of bc9 is designed as a Open Source Gadget. Its technical
information is available to the public. Users easily modify and/or fix Base Board of bc9.



Android is an open source software created for mobile phones and other devices. Android has
been successfully booted on bc9, a gumstix verdex pro based Open Source Gadget and bc10,
an OMAP3530 based Open Source Gadget. Also, Android has been ported for other platforms.


MeeGo is a Linux-based open source OS, which is created since Intel of Moblin and Nokia of Maemo
have merged together. MeeGo is aimed at working with wide range of hardware, and currently three
projects are specifically targeted thee different areas of devices handset devices, netbooks, and
in-vehicle infotainment terminals.



ANT is a proprietary wireless sensor network protocol, which is running in 2.4GHz ISM band. ANT works at
ultra-law power consumption and capable of handling various types of networks. However, the communication
distance is limited. The amount of data can be transmitted at once is also restricted. In this section, the ANT
related hardware is listed. The samples that utilize the hardware and the ANT related software are underdevelopment.

Intel Atom

Intel Atom processors are designed to consume low energy and aimed at the mobile and embedded device market.
This section shows the results of porting Android 1.6r2 for Atom Z510/530. This section also demonstrates the
application of Jakar Media Framework on an Atom Z510/Z530 based single board computer.

gumstix verdex pro

gumstix is a gum stick sized single board computer (computer-on-module), which is able to run embedded Linux and
Android. This section introduces a gumstix model and shows how to create OpenEmbedded build system. The model
of the gumstix used hereis verdex pro XL6P, PXA270 (Marvell) @600MHz. The build system is used for installing
Angstrom Distribution.

DIY Electronics



etc. (to be organized)

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