*Summary [#v700b8ef]
This section explains the build process of [[rowboat:http://code.google.com/p/rowboat/]] and shows how to install rowboat on bc10. rowboat is a community,~
and its project port the open sourced Android for Texas Instruments Devices (OMAP35x, AM37x, and AM35x platforms).~
Particularly, this project emphasizes graphics and multimedia performance optimizations (utilize the platform specific~
features such as [[DSP:http://code.google.com/p/rowboat/wiki/DSP]], [[SGX graphics accelerator:http://imgtec.com/powervr/sgx_series5.asp]], and  others). The build process has been originally developed for~
[[BeagleBoard:http://beagleboard.org/]] and other its clones. In this section, but it is specifically arranged and organized for bc10. Since bc10 is a~
clone of BeagleBoard, the build process, which is reworked for bc10, is also highly applicable to BeagleBoard and its clones.~

**rowboat-eclair-dsp [#b94b8aaa]
This section discusses the build process of rowboat-eclair-dsp for bc10. rowboat-eclair-dsp is based upon Eclair branch~
of [[the Android Open Source Project:http://source.android.com/]] (open source version of Android 2.1), and DSP stack of Texas Instruments and SGX~
driver are added to it. It primarily covers from the setting of  development environment, the preparation for the build~
process, to the build process. At the end, it briefly touches how to create the bootable SD card for bc10. This section~
is divided into the four subsections. The contents of the subsections are described below.~
Caution: Since rowboat is from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), it does NOT support Google API and applications~
that requires Google APT: YouTube, Gmail, Google Map, and Android Market as examples. Also, it does not handle the Flash~
contents of websites. 

--This section describes the setting of the development environment and other preparation works for build.
--It argues SGX and DSP integration. This subsection mostly deals with how to adjust the build process for~
the integration of DSP stack.
--It continues to argue SGX and DSP integration. This subsection shows the preparation for building SGX and~
how to build SGX.
--This section briefly explains how to create a bootable SD card for bc10.

*Reference [#g773a2e0]
-rowboat (Project's homepage)
-Configure and Build (Build process)
-DSP (Digital Video Software Development Kit for OMAP35x)

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