*Software [#z7664022]
These are some results of software projects.  These software projects cover from a simple introduction to the~
complex task of installation process.    

**Android [#h2625897]
This section summarizes the information of Android and Android related projects. Android is a mobile device~
software platform delivered by Open Handset Alliance. Android is not only used in different devices, but also~
ported several platforms. This section shows the overview of Android and explains how to port different~
platforms and and hardware.

Go to [[Android]].

** [[MeeGo>labs.beatcraft.com/deadend]] [#xbf5a6d9]
[[MeeGo>labs.beatcraft.com/deadend]] is a Linux based open source project, which is created from the merger of Nokia's Maemo and Moblin of Intel.~
As an OS, its application is diverse. Depending on its GUI, [[MeeGo>labs.beatcraft.com/deadend]] can be served for different types of devices. This~
section explains Core Platform of [[MeeGo>labs.beatcraft.com/deadend]] and the various GUI called UX for devices, and reports the present status of~
these platform and projects. It also describes the installation process of [[MeeGo>labs.beatcraft.com/deadend]] for netbook.

Go to [[MeeGo]]

** Other Software [#s1b42c22]

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