[[bc9>Open Source Gadgets/bc9]]

*Base Board [#u8310772]
-size: 125mm x 66mm (4.92 x 2.6 inch)
-- Mount hole 4 x φ3.2mm (M3)
-- DC IN (5V2A EIAJ1) x 1
-- USB (TypeA) x 1
-- LINE OUT/Phone OUT(3.5mm mini) x 1
-- LINE IN/MIC IN(3.5mm mini) x 1
-- Serial console (3.5mm mini) x 1
-Connector for inside
-- gumstix verdex pro x 1
-- TFT LCD colour panel with touch screen x 1
-- Serial for GPS unit (4pin) x 1
-- Li-ion battry (4pin) x 1
-- coin cell (CR2016, 2026, or 2032) x 1
-- Serial console (4pin) x 0 (without connector)

**PCB [#p8fc52ea]
- Image~
Gerber and EAGLE CAM file => bc9_baseboard_rev2_labs.zip~ (file will be update)
- outline
|component side|inner layer2|inner layer15|solder side|

Gerber data is RS274-X format.
- Datafile for EAGLE(PCB CAM)
-- &ref(bc9_baseboard_rev3b.zip);
--- EAGLE format file and Gerber file (RS-274-X)

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