*Summary [#ka294ec3]
Chumby is a consumer electrics product, which is introduced by [[Chumby Industries, Inc:http://www.chumby.com/]]. This basically embedded~
computer running Linux OS. This is equipped with wifi, LAN, touch screen, and motion sensor. Chumby can be~
customized by users. This explains how to create the cross compile environment for chumby.

** Specifications of Hardware [#f242759d]
 350 MHz ARM9- based Freescale I.MX21 controller
 64 MB of SDRAM
 64MB of NAND flash ROM
 320 x 240, 3.5 inch touchscreen TFT LCD , which is running at 12 fps
 Stereo 2 W speakers x 2 headphone jack
 integrated Wi-Fi
 a bend sensor for squeezed based user interface features
 3-axis accelerometer 
 USB 2.0 FS ports x2 

* Cross Compile Environment [#mf2a6ffe]
This was originally done in Ubuntu 7.0, but Ubuntu 8.04 can handle this task without any hitch. '''Subversion''' and~
'''ssh''' are not initially installed in Ubuntu, so  highly recommend installing these software before setting up the cross~
compiler environment.
First, download toolchain and install it.
Caution: this is for installing the GNU toolchain for older version of Chumby~
firmware. Linux environment is required for handling this task.
 sudo wget  http://files.cumby.com/toolchain/arm-linux-v4.1.2b.tar.gz
 sudo tar zxvf arm-linux-v4.1.2b.tar.gz
'''tool''' directory is created and installed under '''/user/bin'''~
Set up PATH
 export PATH=/usr/bin:$PATH
The building process of cross compile environment is ended.~

* Demo [#c0767499]
This is a demo. This application utilizes its internal 3-axis accelerometer.
*Reference [#tc4fbd69]
- Chumby Industry, Inc.
- Chumby Developer wiki
- How to install GNU Toolchain

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