*Hardware [#g7915418]
This section introduces the list of the hardware related projects. This publishes the technical information of the projects~
which BeatCraft, Inc. has engaged in.

** BC-USB-Kit [#z2ff01b9]
BC-USB-Kit is a USB-Gadget development kit, which is equipped with PIC24F128GB202 of Microchip Technology Inc.~
For the details, please go to [[BC-USB-Kit]].~

** ANT [#n879a1ff]
ANT is a wireless sensor network protocol, which is running in 2.4GHz ISM band. This protocol is designed to manage to only~
short distance communications between ANT devices. ANT is ultra-low energy consumption, yet it can handle very complex~
styles of networks and provides reliable data communications. Since BeatCraft has developed and produced several ANT modules~
and an ANT-USB dongle, the list of these devices are shown on [[ANT]]. Also the page lists the examples of the hardware~
applications as well as the information of ANT related software.~

**Intel Atom [#ia333eb6]
Intel Atom processor family is mainly aimed at mobile and embedded devices, whose energy consumption is lower than~
the processors for desktop computers or its predecessors. This section demonstrates the results of porting Android and~
the multimedia solutions on small Atom single board computers.

***PICO821 [#zb62f45d]
[[PICO821:http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?Hardware%2FPICO821]] is a single board computer, which is developed by Axiomtek Co., Ltd. This board  is equipped with Atom Z510/530.~
The footprint of the board is only 100 x 72 mm (Pico ITX form factor embedded platform). It shows the results of porting~
Android-x86 1.6r2 ([[Android-x86.org:http://www.android-x86.org/]]) on PICO821. [[PICO821's product page:http://axiomtek.com/products/ViewProduct.asp?view=772]]

***HFMB-22 [#r112e449]
[[HFMB-22:http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?Hardware%2FHFMB-22]] is a developed by DUX Inc. This is a single board computer, which is equipped with Atom Z510/530 series and can handle~
up to 2 GB memory. This section shows the grater applications of HFMB-22. One example of HFMB-22 is porting [[Android-x86.org:http://www.android-x86.org/]]'s~
Android-x86 1.6r2 on the board. The other example is that the board is set on a R/C vehicle. It  sends visual information and receives~
the information for handling, simultaneously. [[Product page of HFMB-22 (Japanese):http://www.dux.co.jp/product/hfmb-22.html]] 

**gumstix [#v4201213]
[[gumstix:http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?Hardware%2Fgumstix]] is a gum stick sized computer-on-module, which can handle embedded Linux as well as Android. This explain, which~
employs verdex pro XL6P, PXA 270 (Marvell), shows how to install embedded Linux.

** Other Hardware [#c6474987]
- [[chumby>http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?Hardware%2Fchumby]]

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