*What is Android?[#o125010b]
Android is a set of software for mobile devices, developed by the Open Handset Alliance.~
Please refer to [[What is Android?:http://www.android.com/about/]]
-[[Open Handset Alliance:http://www.openhandsetalliance.com/]]
-[[Android | Official Website:http://www.android.com/]]

>~SDK and source code are opened to the public. Anyone can freely download and use them.~
-[[Android Developers:http://developer.android.com/]]
-[[Android Open Source Project:http://source.android.com/]]

>~Android can be used for not only mobile phone environment but also enhancement for various devices.~

*Android for x86 [#ce53d683]
[[This page:http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?Android%20for%20x86]] explains how to built Android for x86. There are two different sets of the projects which port Android~
on x86. One is [[Android-x86.org:http://www.android-x86.org/]], and the other is porting [[Android Open Source Project (AOSP):http://source.android.com/]] on x86 platform.~
This section explains installing process of both projects.~

*Android for bc10 [#zb090396]
** summary [#ce0b9497]
[[bc10]], the successor of bc9, is a clone of BeagleBoard, and  it is capable of running the  several versions of Android.~
These are versions of Android, which bc10 can run.~

** rowboat [#i7cf9638]
[[rowboat-eclair-dsp>bc10/rowboat]] (Android 2.1) is originated from rowboat project, which ports Android (AOSP) to OMAP35x, AM35x,~
AM37x, and DM37x platforms. The articles explain how to create a development environment to how to create a bootable~
SD card for bc10.~

** Android-2.2_1.1 [#s4bdf3cb]
[[Android-2.2_1.1>bc10/froyo]] is the latest version of Android (Froyo). This is based upon (AOSP), and its kernel is modified for the~
hardware of bc10. The article covers from creating its development environment to placing boot files into a boot SD~

*Android for bc9 [#mc8d352b]

**summary [#a3f3ace3]
Android has been booted on gumstix verdex pro based device [[bc9:http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?Open%20Source%20Gadgets%2Fbc9]].~
This explains  a process of how to port Android on bc9 (gumstix).

**required devices [#p110d2d5]
The following devices have been tested.~
-[[bc9]] (gumstix verdex pro based mobile device)~
--gumstix verdex pro
--Samsung LCD
-self powered USB HUB
-USB cable (connect onboard mini-B connector to USB HUB standard-A connector)
-USB English layout keyboard (Android's UI require hardware key)
-USB flash memory (put Android userland on this)

**porting procedures [#k5838484]
In order to boot Android on [[bc9]] (gumstix), generally following two procedures are required.~
+~Setup Android bootable linux kernel and linux userland for [[bc9]] (gumstix)~
[[Android kernel for bc9 (1/2)]]~
[[Android kernel for bc9 (2/2)]]~
+~Setup Android userland~
[[Android userland for bc9 (1/2)]]~
[[Android userland for bc9 (2/2)]]~

>~Both operations need linux ubuntu 8.0.4.

**booting procedure [#i950d739]
Booting procedure of bc9 with ported Android environment.
-[[Android boot on bc9]]

* Using OpenGL on Android [#re169cd8]
[[Android / Using OpenGL on Android]] explains how to  introduce OpenGL on Android.

* Using Bluetooth Low Energy on Android [#s762ee34]
[[Android / Using Bluetooth Low Energy on Android]] shows how to integrate API of BLE on Android application.~
It shows demos of applications.~ 

It shows demos of applications.~

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