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USB-HUB & Ethernet module

This article introduces an Ethernet module, which BeatCraft, Inc. has recently prototyped. LAN9514 of SMSC is used for the USB-HUB & Ether chip. To use the USB HUB function, only an USB cables are attached to the device. Ethernet supports 10/100Base-TX. For the driver, a driver for SMSC's evaluation board is used.


How to Use

Use this module with bc10

To use this USB-HUB & Ethernet module with bc10, an driver for LAN9514 is placed at the kernel of bc10. The needed driver is for only ethernet function. To use the USB-HUB function, drivers are NOT required. The Ethernet driver is located at “kernel config”.

Diveice Driver --->
[*] Network device support --->
       --- Network device support
       USB NEtwork Adapters  --->
<*>    SMSC LAN95CC baased USB 2.0 10/100 ethernet devices

In these pictures shown below, it is an example that bc10 (running on OpenEmbedded Linux) is connected to Ethernet, an USB keyboard, and an USB-disk.


In the picture below, it may be difficult to see, this is outputs of the “ifconfig” and “df -h” commands. As executing command, the USB keyboard is used. When the Ethernet device is recognized, its name is defined as “usb0”. The 8GB-USB disk is recognized as the directory of /dev/sda device.


The picture below shows an example of connecting bc10 with an USB keyboard, a portable HDD (500GB). The output of the “df-h” command indicates that this portable HDD is recognized. However, the precess takes around 10 seconds.


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