*DE0-Nano [#e17a6469]
These are articles about DE0-Nano, FPGA board developed by Terasic Technologies Inc.~
#ref(DE0Nano.jpg,,40%); ~
The some articles include the topics of high-level Synthesis tools for FPGA are also listed in this section. Synthesijer is a high-level synthesis tool that is capable of generating VHDL and Verilog HDL code from Java code. JavaRock is the predecessor of Synthesijer.

** DE0-Nano/Synthesijer [#l3c93106]
This article explains how to install Synthesijer on DE0-Nano and shows to execute the examples (quickstart and led). Please look at this page.

** DE0-Nano/JavaRock [#ja0b92ad]
This article explains how to execute a sample program of JavaRock, a high-level synthesis tool for FPGA, on DE0-Nano. The example is make the LED blink on the board. To visit the article, please click here.

** DE0-Nano/NiosII_uClinux [#adf37c9c]
This article explains how to install NiosII_uClinux on DE0-Nano. For the detail, please visit this page.

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