* Obsoletes [#c0caf377]
This section lists the projects, which are inactive and no longer or less likely updated.

** Chumby [#v2f67644]
Chumby is a consumer electronics product, which is equipped with ARM9-based Freescale I.MX21 controller.~
This product allows users to customize its hardware and software, greatly. The project explains the cross build~
environment for Chumby.

--Go to [[Chumby's page>Hardware/chumby]]

** xvid [#i80030d6]
this section explains how to install '''xvid''' in Chumby. The information published here is quite old. Please check~
the updated information from the homepages of [[xvid:http://www.xvid.org/]] and [[Chumby:http://www.chumby.com/]].  

--Go to [[xvid's project page>Software/xvid]]

** MeeGo [#d1915500]
** MeeGo[#d1915500]
[[MeeGo]] is a Linux-based open source OS, which is created since Intel of Moblin and Nokia of Maemo~
have merged together. [[MeeGo]] is aimed at working with wide range of hardware, and currently three~
projects are specifically targeted thee different areas of devices  handset devices, netbooks, and~
in-vehicle infotainment terminals.~

** [[Intel Atom:http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?Hardware#ia333eb6]] [#qb86968c]
Intel Atom processors are designed to consume low energy and aimed at the mobile and embedded device market.~
This section shows the results of porting Android 1.6r2 for Atom Z510/530. This section also demonstrates the~
application of Jakar Media Framework on an Atom Z510/Z530 based single board computer.~

** [[gumstix verdex pro:http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?Hardware%2Fgumstix]] [#kb460b56]
gumstix is a gum stick sized single board computer (computer-on-module), which is able to run embedded Linux and~
Android. This section introduces a gumstix model and shows how to create OpenEmbedded build system. The model~
of the gumstix used hereis verdex pro XL6P,  PXA270 (Marvell) @600MHz. The build system is used for installing~
Angstrom Distribution.~

** AMI602[#m7082325]
- [[AMI602 Breakout Module:http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?DIY%20Electronics%2FAMI602%20Breakout%20Module]]

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