* BC-ANT-USB Manual [#ib963653]

** 1. Summary [#o802fe0f]
BC-ANT-USB is an USB dongle for ANT communication. This uses the second generation of Nordic Semiconductor's~
ANT chip, nRF24AP2-USB and handles USB 2.0 standard.

** 2. Specifications [#jd4c8745]
&ref(BC-ANT-USB_F.png,,55%); &ref(BC-ANT-USB_B.png,,55%);~
|ANT Chip| Nordic Semiconductor: nRF24AP2-USB (details)|
|Size, Weight| 4.7 x 1.6 x 0.8 cm, 5.5g|
|Protocol|2.4GHz / ANT|
|Power Source|USB|
|Type of USB|USB 2.0|

** 3. Others [#b048ba41]
the information of ANT, which you may obtain, is published at Dynastream Innovations' ANT/ANT+ specific web~
site "This is ANT" (http://thisisant.com).~

This is how to obtain ANT software and PDF documents shown below.
+"[[thisisant.com:http://thisisant.com]]" > "[[DEVELOPER:http://www.thisisant.com/developer/]]" > "RESOURCES" >  "[[Downloads:http://www.thisisant.com/developer/resources/downloads/]]"
+ Select one from "SOFTWARE" and "DOCUMETS" tubs.

--To download the software and PDF documents, you need to registers at the web site. Click "LOG IN," and~
select "Register Now." Then, provide the information.
--The documents for development tools, such as "ANTware II" are located at "SOFTWARE TOOL" part of~
"SOFTWARE" section. (Not "DOCUMENTS")
--ANT related PDF documents are listed on "DOCUMETNTS" section.

BC-ANT-USB meet all regulatory requirements. This means that you may use BC-ANT-USB freely without~
violating the Japanese Radio Law.
- If you modify or alter BC-ANT-USB, it will be considered a violation of the Radio Law.
- If you make Technical Conformity mark and/or number of BC-ANT-USB unrecognizable and/or unreadable,~
it will be considered a violation of the Radio Law.

* Revision History [#bbddba0e]
- 2012/11/30 This article is initially uploaded

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