* What is ANT? [#d47490e0]
** About ANT [#md62bac7]
ANT is a proprietary wireless sensor network protocol, which is running in 2.4 GHz band. This protocol is~
developed by Dynastream Innovations Inc., a subsidiary of Garmin Ltd. ANT can work at ultra-low power~
consumption and is capable of handling various types of topologies such as peer-to-peer, star, and fixed~
mesh topologies. However, the communication distance is limited, and the amount of data that ANT can~
transmit at one time, is also restricted.~

** About ANT+ [#d23a231f]
ANT+ is a managed network based upon ANT technology. This managed network provides “device profiles,”~
which allow the same profiles of ANT devices to communicate each other. To grant the communications,~
ANT+ presets the values of parameters for each profile. The types of profiles are heart rate monitor, pedometer,~
scaler, cadence sensor and other fitness and wellness devices. Totally 15 ANT+ profiles are available.~

** FAQ [#o03f54ca]
''Q'': Can ANT devices directly communicate with ANT+ devices?~
''A'': No, ANT device cannot directly communicate with ANT+ devices. ANT+ uses ANT protocol, but ANT devices cannot use “ANT+ Network Key,” “ANT+ Device Profiles,” which are necessary for the communication between ANT+ devices. Moreover, ANT devices are not allowed to use a 2457MHz frequency, which is designated for ANT+ devices. Therefore, ANT and ANT+ devices cannot communicate each other.~
''Q'': Can ANT+ devices use [[ANT/BCA_Lib]]?~
''A'': No, they cannot. BCA_Lib is specifically designed for ANT devices.~
''Q'': Please tell me how to obtain “ANT+ Network Key” and/or “ANT+ Device Profiles.”~
''A'': Please register “ANT+ Adapter Account” from [[this page:http://www.thisisant.com/register/]]. Its registration is free for all. (This site runs by Dynastream Innovations Inc, which is the creator and developer of ANT/ANT+.~
After the registration is completed, please go to [[ANT+ Basics:http://www.thisisant.com/developer/ant-plus/ant-plus-basics/]] and find the section of “How do I obtain the ANT+ Network Key?” If you agree to the terns of use and access the ANT+ Network key, please click “Agree to the terms of use and access the ANT+ Network Key.” Then, you will find “ANT+ Network Key” and other information in the liked page.~
“ANT+ Network Key” and the ANT+ logo indicates the PDF documents and software are under the ANT+ Shared Source License. Do Not freely distribute ANT+ Network Key and the information to the public.~

* ANT Hardware [#b62d59c5]
** ANT Adapter [#e21f2106]
ANT Adapter is an ANT-30pin adapter for iPhone and iPod touch, which are equipped with 30pin connector and internal GPS.~
ANT Adapter supports ANT protocol as well as ANT device profiles. To communicate ANT+ sensors, ANT Adapter requires~
the specific iOS application, BeatRun.~
This adapter has passed the certification test of Apple MFi Program, and it has been received Technical Conformity form~
the Japanese regulatory authority. ~
For the details of ANT Adapter, please visit [[ANT/ANT Adapter]].~
Also the farther information of BeatRun is available at [[ANT/BeatRun]].~
&ref(ANTadap01.png,,50%); &ref(ANTadap02.png,,50%);~

** BC-ANT-USB [#rde780ec]
BC-ANT-USB is a ANT-USB dongle, which is developed and produced by BeatCraft, Inc.~
The ANT chip that BC-ANT-USB employs is nRF24AP2-USB of Nordic Semiconductor, Inc.~
This ANT chip is commonly used for ANT-USB devices. The details of BC-ANT-USB are listed~
on [[ANT/BC-ANT-USB]].~
&ref(BC-ANT-USB_F.png,,50%); &ref(BC-ANT-USB_B.png,,50%);~

** BC-ANT-SERIAL-2 [#m83ecc89]
This is the current version of BC-ANT-SERIAL. This is a ANT-Serial bridge module. The ANT chip of~
this module is nRF24AP2-8CH of Nordic Semiconductor, Inc., and it comes with 1x5 pin-header. The~
size of this ANT-Serial module is greatly downsized comparing with the previous ANT-Serial Module.~
The details of BC-ANT-SERIAL is listed on [[ANT/BC-ANT-SERIAL>http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?ANT%2FBC-ANT-SERIAL_2]].~

** BC-ANT-SERIAL [#a580c1da]
This is the original of BC-ANT-SERIAL. This ANT-Serial module is equipped with RC-232C interface~
and 2x10 pin-header, and these features allows this module connecting with a microcontroller. This~
model of ANT-Serial module is discontinued. For the detail please look at [[this page>http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?ANT%2FBC-ANT-SERIAL]].~
&ref(BC-ANT-SERIAL_F.jpg,,50%); &ref(BC-ANT-SERIAL_B.jpg,,48%);~

**  Prototypes of ANT Module Boards [#q837808d]
There are details of the prototypes of ANT-Serial and ANT-USB modules. This section also explains where~
to find a ANT software and drivers and how to install and use them. These modules are not in production~
or on sale. These hardware can be replaced with BC-ANT-SERIAL and BC-ANT-USB. For the details, please~
visit [[this page>http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?ANT%2FANT%20Module%20Board%20Prototypes]].~

* Electronics Works & ANT Related Software [#wd0603c7]
** Electronics  Works [#w3ab7489]
*** Electronic Music Box [#u77d47df]
This is a series of how to make an electronic music box with BC-ANT-SERIAL, this series is divided into three~
parts. The first part show how to create an ANT transmitter, and the second part is to create an ANT receiver.~
The third and final part explains how to assemble an electronic music box from these ANT devices.~

*** Data Display [#lfec18d9]
This is a sample of a data display, which is equipped with a BC-ANT-USB and a LCD display unit. This sample~
displays the status of ANT communications. This uses PIC 24FJ series. For the details, please visit [[this page>http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?ANT%2FBC-ANT-SERIAL%20with%20Data%20Display]].~

***Working with Various Sensors [#ed00f698]
This explains how to make sensor boards that work with BC-ANT-SERIAL. The sensor boards, which this page~
introduces are the boards of temperature sensor, atmospheric pressure sensor, humidity sensor, and alcohol~
sensor. Their schematics, parts lists, programs, and ANT settings are all listed. MSP430 series is used as the~
microcontroller for the boards. For more details, please visit [[this page>http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?ANT%2FBC-ANT-SERIAL%20with%20Various%20Sensors]].~

***Working with Moisture Sensor [#o55c4748]
This is an example of electronics work, which uses a BC-ANT-SERIAL and moisture sensor. Its microcontroller is~
MSP430G2553 of Texas Instruments. For its schematic and other hardware information, please look at [[this page>http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?ANT%2FBC-ANT-SERIAL%20with%20Moisture%20Sensor]].~
This board uses the same application as the other sensor boards. Please visit Python Application section of~
[[ANT/BC-ANT-SERIAL with Various Sensors>http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?ANT%2FBC-ANT-SERIAL%20with%20Various%20Sensors#i6ed651e]].~

** Sample Code [#w2f29418]
*** iOS Application for ANT Adapter Demo [#k2ab4386]
This is an iOS application for the sensors, which is listed at [[this page>http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?ANT%2FBC-ANT-SERIAL%20with%20Various%20Sensors]]. This application allows to communicate the sensor boards, which are equipped with BC-ANT-SERIAL and iOS devices, attached to ANT Adapter. This iOS application is freely downloaded below.~

*** Library for BC-ANT-USB [#l0b7db11]
This section introduces a library for BC-ANT-USB, an ANT-USB dongle developed by BeatCraft, Inc. The section~
explains the basics of How to establish ANT communication and lists the C++/Python sample code for transmitting,~
receiving, and pairing. Please visit [[this page>http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?ANT%2FBCA_Lib]] for farther information. On the related topic, [[BCA_Lib>http://labs.beatcraft.com/ja/BCA_Lib/html/index.html]] explains the~
classes of this library.~

*** Library for LPC1114 [#zb22b277]
This section introduces the sample code of an ANT library for LPC1114, a 32bit microcontroller developed by NXP~
Semiconductors. The details are listed on [[this page>http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?ANT%2FLibrary%20for%20LPC1114]].~

*** Library for PIC24F Series [#ta0e13ff]
This is a sample code of an ANT library for PIC24F Series, a 16bit microcontroller series. This microcontroller is~
developed by Microchip Technology Inc. The details of this library are shown at [[this page>http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?ANT%2FLibrary%20for%20PIC24F]].~

* Revision History [#ne01b1fa]
- 2012/11/30 This article is initially uploaded~
- 2013/01/31 The link to BC-ANT-SERIAL is attached~
- 2013/02/01 Add the links to Libraries for BC-ANT-SERIAL, LPC1114, and PIC24F~
- 2013/02/06 Add the links to Electronics Works~
- 2013/05/16 Add the section of ANT Adapter~
- 2013/06/19 Add iOS application for Electronics Works
- 2015/06/11 Add FAQ

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