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* About prebuilt-image [#h1150702]
The prebuilt-images are the outcomes of creating bootable images, of which are explained in bc10 section of BC::labs.~
To follow the instruction of how to place an image on a SD card, install a  bootable image for bc10, easily. The images~
are adjusted for the specifications of bc10.~

** bc10/android-2.3.2_r1 [#e7409421]
[[bc10/android-2.3.2_r1]] is derived from AOSP Android 2.3.2_r1. ALSA, GPS, 6-axis motion sensor, USB wireless LAN~
functions are added to the original.~
- bc10-gingerbread-boo-sd-imageórelase20110214~
This is the prebuilt-image, which is created from the process described at [[bc10/android-2.3.2_r1]].~
- SD card image~

** bc10/prebuilt-20110127 [#aba11a42]
[[bc10/prebuilt-20110127]] is considered as an extension of  [[bc10/TI-Android-FroYo-Devkit-V2]]. As USB camera driver~
and Wireless LAN driver (RT3370USB) are built, the driver files of these devices are added to the original. The original,~
[[bc10/TI-Android-FroYo-Devkit-V2]], is based upon TI-Android-FroYo-Devkit-V2, which is developed at rowboat community.~
This is adjusted for the features of bc10.~
- The details of how to create and install on a SD card are listed at [[bc10/prebuilt-20110127]].~
- SD card image~
(Caution): rowboat community ports AOSP version of Android to TI's OMAP35x andAM37x and develops drivers~

** bc10/prebuilt-20110107 [#e2bf79b4]
[[bc10/prebuilt-20110107]] is considered as a variant of bc10/froyo. bc10/prebuilt-20110107 is fixed some bugs of [[bc10/froyo]],~
and USB Wireless LAN driver (RT3370USB) and other drivers are added. 
- The information of how to build the image and install it to a SD card is published at [[bc10/prebuilt-20110107]].
- SD card image~

(Caution): AOSP is the abbreviation of Android Open Source Projecct.~

* Revition History [#x40d8ea2]
- 2011/04/08 The article is initially published.

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