Installing bigfloat on Mac OS X

About bigfloat

bigfloat is a Python extension module, which provides arbitrary-precision correctly-rounded binary floating-point arithmetic. This Python module is designed to work for the MPFR library. For the details, please visit the URL shown below.

Installing bigfloat on Mac OS X

To install bigfloat, pip is required. Please install pip before starting this installation process. In this article, Mac OS X 10.9.3 is used. The command for installing bigfloat and installation process are shown below.


To examine whether the installation process is successful or not, please try a sample program, which is listed on <url>the page of bigfloat</url>. This article tests a sample program called a quick tour.

Code> if you obtain the same results as shown above, bigfloat has been successfully installed.

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