*JavaRock [#m456758f]
''Caution'': The project of JavaRock, a high-level synthesis language has already been closed. It has moved to its successor, which is called Synthesijer. BC::labs puts weight on the project of Stnthesijer and frequently update the new project.

Please consider this page and JavaRock related articles as reference.

* JavaRock [#b5d88802]
JavaRock is a high-level synthesis language, which generates HDL from Java language. This article shows how to set up the basic working environment for JavaRock.

* How to Compile a JavaRock sample on Ubuntu (12.04 32bit version) [#obbde32b]
** Basic set up [#xbf69616]
The newest compiled JavaRock is javarock_20130708.jar, and the latest sample code set of JavaRock is samples_20130707.tar,gz. Please download them from the URL shown below.

Install Ubuntu 12.04 (32bit version) and add the package listed below.

** Compile JavaRock Samples [#j2911306]
Set PATH, which defines the location of javarock_20130708.jar is placed, to the environment variable of JavaRock, JAVAROCK.

Compile samples/pong.
Assume that the directory of samples is /home/beat/JavaRock/samples.
If comile_fpga.sh does not have the executable permission, give it, and execute it.
After the compile process is completed, please check that class files and vhd file are generated.

* Hw to Compile JavaRock sample on Mac OS X [#m8f0256a]
 JavaRock can be compiled on Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9.3) if JDK7 is installed to Mac OS X.
The default Java on Mac OS X Mavericks is Java 1.6, but JavaRock cannot be compiled with Java 1.6. Java 1.7 is the requirement.

Download Oracle JDK from the URL below. 
After the download of jdk-7u55-maxosx-x64.dmg is completed, the execute the file.
As the installer screen shows up, please follow its instructions to install JDK.
After the installation is completed, please check its version of JDK.

** Compile JavaRock samples [#h615f7a0]
Confirming that JDK7 is installed, set PATH, which defines the location of javarock_20130708.jar is placed, to the environment variable of JavaRock, JAVAROCK. This is the same way as having done to Ubuntu.
Setting PATH to the environment variable, execute samples/test/test.sh.
If the class file and vhd file exist, this file, test.sh, is executed correctly,
If test.sh is executed without updating the version of Java, these errors will occur. The details are shown below.
<Error Code>

* About JavaRock [#va404bd1]
The contents of expanded samples_201310707.tar.gz are organized as they are shown below. In the following directories, kc705 indicates this directory for Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA KC705. test directory is for Virtex-6 FPGA ML605 Evaluation Kit. microboard is the directory for Avnet Spartan-6 LX9 MicroBoard. Zedboard is the test directory for Xulinx ZedBoard ZedBoard.

* Reference [#n1a7248d]
- JavaRock's Official Web Page

- JavaRock's Source Repository

* Revision History [#u5388e06]

- Caution: The development of JavaRock has been closed, and it has the successor, which is called Synthesijer. If you are interested in a high-level synthesis, which is generates HDL from Java language, please go to Synthesijer.

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