* BC::labs [#w4a9a09f]
BC::labs publishes the information of the Open Source Gadget, Software, DIY Electronics, and others.~
This site provides not only the results of these projects, but also the whole process of projects.~
New projects are added to this site, and this site is frequently updated.~
-If you have questions about BC::labs, please submit your questions at "bc9-dev[at]googlegroups.com."~
Thank you.

** NEWS [#m7b8d1c2]
BC-USB-Kit has been launched at [[Amaozn.co.jp>http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B00UTJVRS6]].~
BC-USB-Kit is a USB-gadget development kit, which uses a PIC of Microchip Technology. The links for the basic information are available at [[BC-USB-Kit]]. The basic information includes  the details of hardware, which pin headers to solder to BC-USB-Kit, how to build a firmware, and how to write the firmware into BC-BC-USB-Kit.~
To exchange the information of ANT, BC-ANT Group, a Facebook group, is created.~
To join the group, register and log-in Facebook, then, please search BC-ANT group by the "BC",~
"ANT", and "BC-ANT" within Facebook. This group uses an authentication system.  please apply~
the membership first. Then, wait reply form the administrators of group.~

* Hot Topics [#m9d81e7c]
** BC-USB-Kit [#t97eabda]
BC-USB-Kit is a USB-gadget development kit, which uses PIC24FJ128GB202 of Microchip Technology Inc.~
Besides the USB connector, EEPROM, a humidity and temperature sensor, and a user programable LED, and a user programable switch are equipped on the board. As you just solder pin headers to BC-USB-Kit, you can start developing a USB gadget with these on-board sensor and so on.~
The basic information for how to develop a USB gadget on BC-USB-Kit is listed at the links below.~

- BC-USB-Kit needs two different types of pin headers for developing a USB gadget with it. The information of these pin headers is listed at [[BC-USB-Kit/Pin Header Information]].~
- The article of [[BC-USB-Kit/Manual]] provides the detail information of BC-USB-Kit. The schematics and layout drawing of BC-USB-Kit are available at [[this page>http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?BC-USB-Kit%2FManual#k77e27da]].~
- The way to build a firmware and  write it into PIC of BC-USB-Kit is explained at the article of [[BC-USB-Kit/get started]]. This article provides step-by-step explanations of how to build a firmware and how to write it into PIC. The source code of the demo firmware can be downloaded from this [[section>http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?BC-USB-Kit%2Fget%20started#v90827a2]].~

- The tutorials for BC-USB-Kit are listed at [[BC-USB-Kit/Tutorials]]. These tutorials introduces how to use and to program on BC-USB-Kit. These explain how to create applications with BC-USB-Kit. These tutorials are useful for learning how to program PIC.~
[[ANT]] section lists the information of ANT related products such as ANT-30pin Adapter,~
ANT-Serial bridge module, and ANT-USB dongle. The information of corresponding~
drivers and ANT used electronics works are also shown.~
For the questions of ANT, please join BC-ANT, a Facebook group. Please search "BC-ANT"~
within Facebook. Then send a message to an administrator of the group for registration.~
*** ANT Adapter [#e21f2106]
ANT Adapter is an ANT-30pin adapter for iPhone and iPod touch, which are equipped with 30pin connector and internal GPS.
ANT Adapter supports ANT protocol as well as ANT device profiles. To communicate ANT+ sensors, ANT Adapter requires
the specific iOS application, BeatRun.
This adapter has passed the certification test of Apple MFi Program, and it has been received Technical Conformity form
the Japanese regulatory authority. ~
For the details of ANT Adapter, please visit [[ANT/ANT]] Adapter.~
Also the farther information of BeatRun is available at [[ANT/BeatRun]].~

*** BC-ANT-USB [#rde780ec]
BC-ANT-USB is a ANT-USB dongle, which is developed and produced by BeatCraft, Inc.~
The ANT chip that BC-ANT-USB employs is nRF24AP2-USB of Nordic Semiconductor, Inc.~
This ANT chip is commonly used for ANT-USB devices. The details of BC-ANT-USB are listed~
on [[ANT/BC-ANT-USB]].~

*** BC-ANT-SERIAL-2 [#m83ecc89]
This is the current version of BC-ANT-SERIAL. This is a ANT-Serial bridge module. The ANT chip of~
this module is nRF24AP2-8CH of Nordic Semiconductor, Inc., and it comes with 1x5 pin-header. The~
size of this ANT-Serial module is greatly downsized comparing with the previous ANT-Serial Module.~
The details of BC-ANT-SERIAL is listed on [[ANT/BC-ANT-SERIAL>http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?ANT%2FBC-ANT-SERIAL_2]].~

* Resources [#oc942569]
- [[Open Source Gadgets]]~
...This section provides the information of Open Source Gadget such as bc9 and bc10.~
- [[Software]]~
...This section lists software related information such as Android.~
- [[Hardware]]~
...The section introduces the information of hardware that BeatCraft has been developed.~
- [[Electronics Works:http://labs.beatcraft.com/en/index.php?DIY%20Electronics]]~
...This section explains the basics of electronics works in addition to the information of electronics works.~
- Demos~
...There are pictures and movies of the demonstrations of the hardware.~
- Lecture Materials~
...There are the handouts and complementary packages for the lectures.~
- Reference~
...This section lists the recommended titles of books and manufactures for electronics works.~
- Et Cetera~
...These are miscellaneous materials.~
- [[Obsoletes]]~
...This section shows the past experimental projects.~
Contents of this site is continually-revised and format may change for certain reasons. 

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