ANT Modules

ANT is one wireless sensor network protocol, which is running in the 2.4GHz ISM band. ANT can only communicate within few meters, but it is designed to consume low energy provides a hardware solution for cross-take immunity. In commercial use, ANT protocol is often used for fitness sensors, health management sensor, and bicycle computers and its sensors.

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ANT Module Board Prototypes

The two different types of ANT module board prototypes are produces. Their schematics and pictures (intended showing their exteriors) are listed below.

  • Serial Communication Version
    This module communicates via RS232-C interface. It is equipped with pin-headers, so it can be connected to ARM-Cotex M0/3, PIC, and other microcontrollers. The power voltage is 1.9 ~ 3.6V.
  • USB Interface Version
    This ANT module board prototype is equipped with mini B of USB connector. This module can communicate with a Windows PC via a UAB cable. It draws its power sources form the USB connector.

Checking the operations of Prototypes

To use an ANT evaluation kit, which can be purchased from the Internet, the ANT module board prototypes are tested with the evaluation kit.

  • Connect the serial communication version of ANT module with a Windows PC (PCB at USB of PC is an USB-Serial bridge board, which comes form the evaluation kit).

    • DSCF0752.JPG
  • Connect the USB Interface version of ANT module with Windows PC

    • DSCF0750.JPG

To connect the ANT module to a Windows PC, the driver is installed. The picture below indicates how Device manager of Windows 7 recognizes an ANT device.

  • ANT_USB_Device_manager.jpg

ANTware II, an ANT module evaluation・debugging tool, is available for Windows XP and Windows 7. To configure the software correctly, it recognizes ANT module board prototypes and assures that these prototypes have exchanged data over ANT protocol correctly.
This software recognizes and manages multiple ANT devices on one software (or PC). This software can be downloaded form ANT developer's site freely (Register is required).

  • ANTwareII_image.jpg

At the left window of ANTware II, it shows the ANT modules that the software currently recognizes. At this window, an ANT module that monitors and/or controls is selected.
At the middle window, it is used for checking or changing the configuration of a selected ANT module.
At the right window, it displays the status of communications (transmitting and receiving).

In the picture above, the channel used there is 0, and the monitored ANT module is transmitting data. If the software turns from transmitting mode to receiving mode, you can monitor the activities of receiving data.


  • Forerunner 610 (GARMIN)
    To install GARMIN's software, ANT AGENT onto a Windows PC, it can be paired with Forerunner 610. Also, the data, which Forerunner 610 collects, is transferred to the PC.

Technical Conformity

There are several versions of ANT module board prototypes. The improved one has received Technical Conformity from the Japanese regulatory agency. This is legal to use these modules in the public space.

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